Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I feel quite selfish at times for writing about what interests me, and not about the real world and the experiences people go through in it. Though, I was told by my friend who had me start writing this, to write what comes easy to me, about "my story" and the things that contribute to it. Christ is my passion, along with natural living and teaching others about it. So spreading the word about why I live life this way and how to do it, is the way that I serve him best. Every week, I glance over my e-mails from natural writers, my handouts from natural classes and seminars, my newsletters from various natural companies and church organizations, and my natural magazines----and I feel overwhelmed with trying to LIMIT my writings to just one BLOG a week. Why do I feel this passion towards something that most people think to be irrelevant in their walk with Christ? One of my dearest friends who has started to share this passion with me told me yesterday that I have a Spiritual GIFT for it. A HUH? There's a spiritual gift for natural living and nutrition? Well, here are my choices of spiritual gifts to choose from, according to

Discerning of spirits --- Speaking in tongues ---- Prophecy
Faith ---- Working of miracles -----Healing ----- Apostleship
Prophecy ------ Evangelism ---Wisdom --------- Knowledge
Pastoring ---- Teaching-----Showing mercy ---- Ministry
Teaching ----- Exhortation -----Giving ------- Leading
Interpretation of tongues

My Friend told me that I have an ability to set aside my worldly desires and walk with Christ along a pathway that not many people now days take--everything that goes in my mouth is thought about and considered heavily before entering. I am able to separate myself from the world in what I eat and ingest. I also enjoy passing information onto others when I feel a Holy Spirit prompting to do so. (Since I'm human, I don't ALWAYS read HIM correctly, and have lost friends in this way) BUT, the Lord found someone to explain to me my immense desire to serve others in this non-conventional way....KNOWLEDGE on HEALING.

Here's a test if you would like to discover and use your (click on: Spiritual Gifts . ) However, I encourage you to think out of the box, like I did--not everything in life is an absolute. I am so thankful for my friend's talk, because now I can look at serving God with even more enthusiam than I have ever before. My Spiritual Gifts are a blessing from above and I need to look at it as a just that, A GIFT and nothing less! Praise be to the Lord for friends he sends our way when we need encouragement!

If I HAD to put a label on my gift, I would have to say I'm blessed with KNOWLEDGE on HEALING (of the BODY), but not necessarily HEALING itself. I have wonderful knowledge on what herbs/vitamins/nutrients do to what organs of the body to help it to heal.....but I do not do the healing, myself. I tend to think of myself as a vessel that Jesus works through to heal others, sometimes without my even knowing until months later I get a "thank you". I have found that HEALING can BEGIN when someone chooses not to put processed foods, chemical colorings, hormones from meat and dairy, preservatives, Antibiotics, refined sugar, and soft drinks in their mouth. (A few links to support this: Healing Diet, Healing Foods, Healing Naturally With Food, Diet and Nutrition, Living a Life that Nourishes Health, Health Quarters MinistriesCore Beliefs on Bodily Healing ) It takes a knowledge and understanding of what these types of food do to the various organs in your body to know that they do not promote healing, but rather promote disease. Not always immediate disease, but eventual disease. So, actually all of us can be equipped with this spiritual gift, by trying to "Go Green" like many others are! However, one can only find complete healing or do healing with God's grace to back you up!

I openly profess my desire to serve Christ through the things that I never had much control over before: my diet and health. I aim to help others to serve Christ in this manner as well. After all, when the Bible says 1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your that supposed to be aimed only at tattoos that are satanic? Absolutely not!

Something else that interests me, also has to do with Healing. HEALING of the SPIRIT, rather than the body. I came across a young lady named Bonnie.
She is a Child of God who is trying to pick up the broken pieces after losing her husband to a car accident in January. Here is her BLOG postings from that:"Terrible Tragedy", "Coping", "God's Working", "Challenging days" .
She's currently pregnant with their second child (3 months along) and will be experiencing the remainder of this exciting journey without her husband by her side. She said she a hard time with even checking a "WIDOW" box on her hospital pre-registration form for her upcoming delivery in August. After having some unpleasant signs of concern this past weekend, she went into the ER and discovered what doctors call a Torn Placenta.
I will let you check out the remainder of her story, along with the preceding details of their life, on her BLOG at (just scroll down this page to see earlier postings) Her story is very moving, and she has truly felt prayers during her current recovery/journey! So please join me in lifting up this young lady as she's healing in the loss of her husband, and for the remainder of her pregnancy!
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  1. I had to smile when I read this post as I am currently in the process of writing a post on my thoughts about healing! I've been praying over the draft for a week now and it will still be awhile before I am ready to post it. It asks tough questions and probes the core of what mainstream Christianity believes about bibical healing. Our passion and dedication to using God-given talents and resources can point others to Christ and reflect Jesus' love and compassion whether in daily life or in the blogsphere. Bless you for sharing your gift!

  2. I think we, as Christians, need to be very aware of where we are placing our trust for healing. Is the doctor that is treating you a Christian and professing their "daily miracles" in the name of Jesus or elsewhere--themselves? their knowledge? medications? Do they give credit to Jesus and ask for him to bless their work? Does the Doctor use methods of healing that are pleasing to God and ACTUALLY healing our body, or are we being "convinced" through others and commercials that the drug "helps" us? I encourage others to read the labels thoroughly to see what side effects the medication may cause, and if they cause ANY, then avoid it--there are BETTER alternatives!!