Monday, April 26, 2010

Daniel Fast Verses Moses Diet

I believe that fasting can be a very powerful tool if done with pure intentions, in our private relationship with Christ. As it says in the Bible, (Matthew 6:17,18) "But when you fast...(fast)so that it will not be obvious to men that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." There can be much bodily healing, cleansing and devotion that can come as a result of the fasting process, as proven in the Bible. It will also jump start certain bodily organs--such as the liver, stomach and intestines that regularly do cleansing, but can retain unwanted "sludge" so inconspicuously as our daily meals slither on through.

Fasting can restart our thought process dramatically. In our current society, our minds can get overpowered in feeding the dependency of the caffeine/yeast/sugar/fats that our bodies normally get on a regular basis, that we don't have the clariety to FULLY focus on life, much less our faith walk. As seen with many people who need their choice of drink or candy bar snack each day; our minds can get so pre-occupied with getting our next "food fix", that we don't realize how much of the day we spend thinking about that, rather than about our mission for Christ. A fast helps "reset the table" for our "daily feast" with the Lord.

There is a current "fasting" trend that is hitting the blog, twitter and facebook realms very heavily in the past few months. Here's just one of the many BLOGS I've read on it: THE DANIEL FAST. Tweeting about the Daniel Fast? Here you go: TWITTER! There is even a FACEBOOK Daniel Fast web page that you can join the ranks of: FACEBOOK . Here is a quick run down on the fast from :
1. Only fruits and vegetables 2. Only water for a beverage 3. No sweeteners or breads 4. No yeast 5. no artificial or processed foods nor any chemicals

I believe that this fast is a great example of a "modified fast" (as opposed to HARDCORE fasting, just involving water) for a short period of time. People do it to restart their bodies, while looking forward to their return of "normal life eating". People feel good consuming vegetables and fruits which are plumb full of detoxers, vitmins and minerals, along with magnesium that is a natural bowl cleanser. However, in long term eating, our body was made to function at it's best, alongside these vegetables, in "protein" mode; the greatest resource of this being from the complete protein found in meats, especially clean beef. Hence, the reason for our "canine teeth" given to us by God, and the reason God gave us to "EAT ANY ANIMAL THAT HAS A SPLIT HOOF DIVIDED IN TWO and that chews the cud. Of all the creatures living in the water, you may eat ANY THAT HAS FINS AND SCALES" Deuteronomy 14:6,9 Why did God take the time to suggest a food guideline? As a suggestion towards discovering good health for use in being a superior Christ follower. Without complete proteins and clean animal fats, our bones/joints will get frail and our muscle, organ and blood cells will not rebuild themselves properly. Many people are finding themselves to be anemic and deficient in iron because of their lifestyle fasting of consuming mostly just fruits and vegetables.

While I retain my stance that the Daniel Fast is a blessing to both onself and God for short periods of time; I strongly believe that a lifestyle eating habit change can be a more effective tool to serve God in the long run. With the Daniel fast, you have a set goal to "look forward to" in returning to processed foods; with a Moses Diet...that's the way life is....take it or leave it. With the Moses diet, it's pretty much the EXACT SAME THING as the Daniel Fast, but you retain optimal health through the continued eating of UNPROCESSED dairy and CLEAN grass-fed meats, and occasional NATURALLY-OCCURING sweeteners which are full of trace minerals if consumed raw (honey, maple syrup). Then, on the Moses Diet, you are so close to already doing a DANIEL FAST, that you may find it more benificial to do a water fast to be cleansed from impurities for short, but meaningful periods of time.

SO....What is the Moses Diet? Here's an excerpt from my previous BLOG POSTING,

In Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb, pg 27, he writes, "Moses ate HONEY, OIL, COW BUTTER, MILK OF SHEEP, LAMBS, RAMS and GOATS, SHEEP, and GRAPE JUICE(Deut. 32:13-14).... He ate plenty of QUAIL (Ex. 16:13)"...and in future tense, refers to "the increase of the fields", or PRODUCE. At 120, Moses still had the strength and eyesight of his youth" pg 26.

"Then God said, 'I give you EVERY SEED-BEARING PLANT on the face of the whole earth and EVERY TREE THAT HAS FRUIT WITH SEED IN IT. They will be yours for food.'" Genesis 1:29

"You may EAT ANY ANIMAL THAT HAS A SPLIT HOOF DIVIDED IN TWO and that chews the cud. Of all the creatures living in the water, you may eat ANY THAT HAS FINS AND SCALES. You may eat ANY CLEAN BIRD." Deuteronomy 14: 6, 9, 11

So, what is the biggest difference between present day Christians, many sickly at ages 40, 50, 60, etc, and Moses? Our diet and the diets of our parents and grandparents--what we eat, and in the forms we eat it. From all of the above verses, one can understand how to get many of the nutrients our bodies need: by eating Unsprayed FRUIT & Vegetables, RAW Wholemilk DAIRY, most CLEAN (ORGANIC) MEATS, raw natural sweeteners, raw nuts/seeds, ColdPressed oils and WHOLE GRAINS in their MOST NATURAL STATES-- the foods that God intended us to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, God does not mention and Moses did not ingest things like: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, growth hormones and immunizations in beef and dairy, soda-pop, preservatives, enriched flour, vegetables and fruits that are genetically altered, pesticides, herbicides, chemical dyes or MSG.

So, in contrast, the Daniel fast is eating the foods God specifically created for us for a short period of time, then returning to a typical American diet. The Moses Diet is eating the foods God specifically designed for our bodies day in and day out, only VERY occasionally eating out/eating the typical American diet. Fast food, candy bars, pastry products, sugar cereals, bottled drinks, etc are the exception, rather than the daily/weekly "norm". Please consider a Moses Diet, instead of just Daniel Fasting here and there. While fasting is good to restart the body, the Moses Diet was designed to sustain it. If you take your daily diet a step further, along with your choice of fasting style a step are THAT much closer to your biblical ancestors and to you Savior's lifestyle!

In Christ, Ms. Salubrious

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The REAL Reason For Easter


The Real Reason for Easter - Revelation Song

As I watched this video, the goosebumps I got reminded me of the truly great suffering that my Savior went through for me. From so much more PHYSICAL suffering than any of us could possibly fathom! Yet, at times we may get wrapped up in only the commercial meanings of Easter (eggs, bunnies, candy--the fluffy, fun "cute" stuff). Easter was never meant to be just "fun" or "cute" ... instead it was meant to be a symbolically spiritual experience between us and the one who was sent to give us eternal life. It may start out MORE fluffy and cute for the little "tikes"--but as they grow and mature, so shall their understanding of the main purpose for celebrating Easter as we share more with them. Boy, that seems so much MORE meaningful than just embracing the peeps and egg hunts....doesn't it?

As our family heads off to church, family gatherings, and YES an Easter Egg hunt for our young daughters on Sunday--my prayer is that they will also keep the meaning of Easter in their heads that we have shared with them since they were babies. Each year as we give them a new Easter book with a depiction of Jesus' story...they ask more questions and we give more details. They are beginning to know the true meaning of why Easter began....alongside a bit of the fluffy cute stuff.

Happy Easter to you and your family!
Ms. Salubrious