Sunday, November 18, 2012

Secrets, Secrets....Secrets of the B's

It's hard to keep secrets, isn't it? Especially GOOD ones! They are hard to find, and even harder to keep! This is the kind of secret I can share, so let me introduce you to the 'new guy' in our house, or rather the 'revisited' new guy! Nutritional Yeast Flakes! It's nutty, cheesy, robust flavor adds a certain unique 'gusto' to any meal or juice. But I'm sure your real question isn't what or how...but WHY?

Nutritional Yeast flakes work as a food-grade sourced multi-vitamin; specifically with the B's. So what's so important about B vitamins? They help with digestion, nerve functioning, skin and hair health, our body's natural capability to detox, and general immune support! is truly difficult to get a proper balance of these vitamins in your system unless you are taking a 'super food source' of them, in a bountiful supply. Any offsets or imbalances of one B vitamin can be detrimental (they are water soluble and can be flushed out easily; but an overabundance of one creates a lack of another) which can definitely create uncomfortable symptoms and eventually lead to huge health problems. Since most people prefer their habitual food choices, it is quite easy actually to create a deficiency in just diet preferences alone! If one can keep a regular supply of all B vitamins being introduced, there is little chance that a deficiency can even get a foothold. Here are the top food sources of Balanced B vitamins:
  • Animal Liver is an excellent source (almost all animal liver store months to years supply of B vitamins) HOWEVER, the liver of each animal also flushes all viruses, Bactria and toxins out of the body. So with your abundant supply of B vitamins from eating liver, unfortunately, you are also receiving an abundant supply of 'less-than-desirables' from it as well.
  • Fermented foods provide a rich source of beneficial microbial cultures, which in turn, assist in producing B vitamins in your gut! Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Pickled vegetables, Sour Dough, Cultured milk products like keifer and yogurt, Wine (in modesty and naturally made), a varied daily dose would be a great source of B vitamins. Most industries do not 'grow cultures' in products anymore, so the best source is a homemade one. Unlike the other sources listed here of B vitmains, fermented foods provide an environment to produce B vitamins, but does not actually provide them.
  • Nutritional Yeast is the most simple way to get a balanced B vitamin Food source! It is a deactivated yeast (not like the yeast we're warned about in diet programs) grown on molasses and harvested to provide a balanced foundation for nerve, emotional, digestion and metabolic health! 
My personal story: when we first started living more naturally 7 years ago, my great aunt on the west coast not only introduced us to natural living, but started us out with one of her favorite supplements: KAL brand Nutritional Yeast Flakes. I didn't know much about them, but took them everyday in 4 ounces of 100% pure orange or concord grape juice, per her advice which I highly valued from her experiences. In ALSO being on a mostly natural/organic food diet, we started seeing former health problems melting away: painfully cracked heels, thin weakened hair, dry skin, stomach indigestion, sleeplessness, recurrent allergies, bowel weirdness, low energy, and the one that bothered me the most: black circles under the eyes. In addition to organic naturally made foods, we supplemented with an acidophilus source and a Spirulina source, as well as regular consultations with our naturopath. When we moved a few years back, I debated packing my (at the time) recently emptied can of Yeast Flakes. I opted to just try to remember to reorder once we moved. I forgot. That is...until recently in being put on a healing regimen with my kids for our livers. Our our symptoms seemed to degress back to similar ones from when we lived with our previous home.
I started doing more research a few weeks ago and kept coming across how the liver is healed, kept strong, detoxed and supported by balanced B vitamins (So I questioned myself: we started taking B vitamins again last summer after seeing a chiropractor who suggested them--both drops and capsules that were 'natural'! So what was the problem then? My guess-it wasn't a food source!) After that, I was searching a nutritional site for liver support and came across NUTRITIONAL YEAST FLAKES. Then it struck me, like "Oh yeeeeaaaa! We used to take this when we first began our natural living adventure!" At this point I was once again reminded that we are to be led by the Holy spirit in our quest for answers, not by frantically searching for answers at convenient worldly stops along the way. Not only this, but we get answers in His timing, when we best utilize and learn from the experience of being given the information! Sometimes information can be withheld, (with problems reverting back to original ones...) in order for us to gain knowledge in why we made changes in the first place! NOW, I actually LEARNED why nutritional flakes are important, and what happens to the human body without an ample, regular source. Having genetics of B vitamin deficiencies in my past, with my grandmother having been diagnosed and treated with multiple B vitamin deficiencies (monthly prescribed B12 shots, etc) is ESPECIALLY important to my genes and I!

With starting the flakes up again last week, I can see already the energy level has increased immensely (when my mudroom closet even gets cleaned, you know energy isn't in short supply!), stools improving and our overall happiness has left nothing to be desired! I am truly excited and have felt led by the Holy spirit...

SO the importance of balanced B vitamins in proper body functioning? They're CRITICAL! Each one has an array of  health benefits, and without them in balance with one another, one can have lifelong, degenerative symptoms! You may be supplementing PLENTY with food or capsule of one B vitamin, but then the other ones can get grossly offset. Keeping them in balance is key. B's include:

  • B6--used for nerves, protein digestion, antibody synthesis, red blood cell formation; DEFICIENCIES include morning sickness or weak stomach, anemia, impaired nerve functioning, hair loss
  • B12--converts carbs to glucose for energy, regulates the nervous system against stress and depression, protects against stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. DEFICIENCIES are stomach upset with weight loss, light headedness (indication it has impacted adrenals), weakness and pale skin 
  • B2--Keeps skin, hair, nails and eyes in good health, used in treating Alzheimer’s, anxiety and nerve disorders; DEFICIENCIES include migraines, bloodshot/irritability in the eyes, chapped and/or sore tongue and lips
  • B9--otherwise known as FOLIC ACID--Prevents birth defects, helps produce healthy blood cells, strengthens nervous system and digestion system. DEFICIENCIES produce symptoms of stress related disorders, preterm labor, birth defects, cell mutation and tumor growth, leading to certain forms of cancer.
  • B5--labeled the 'anti stress vitamin', B5, aka pantothenic acid, is a booster for our adrenals. Friends that have taken it have made sure to give me feedback of their quickness in getting over illness compared to their other family members, as well as the energy they have felt an increase in. I have experienced this as well! It is found in blood plasma, helps those with autism, increases hair growth, cystitis and asthma. DEFICIENCES include: sleep difficulty, upset stomach, poor temperment, lasting illnesses, hair loss. 
  • B1, B3, B7 are all important to digestion, hair and skin health and nerve health

    Have you had your B's today? We make sure to get Gi-normous amounts of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C...but what about the B's? Don't forget the B's...

    In Christ,
    Ms. Salubrious