Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BOOK in REVIEW: "He's not Autistic, But..." by Tenna Merchent

"He's Not Autistic, But...How We Pulled Our Son From The Mouth of the Abyss" by Tenna Merchent, Master Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy. Her Website:

I am reading the book for my second time through to highlight and make note of comments that stand out and are meaningful to me. The first time I read it, I was trying to absorb it so fast that I didn't want to take the time to highlight or mark pages....I read it completely within a 24 hour time frame! This book is one that gives hope to exhausted parents who battle behavior and medical problems with their helps one to see "the outside forces" acting on our precious little ones from the moment they enter our world. These outside forces are so common in our everyday lives that we DON'T and sometimes even WON'T acknowledge them. Aren't you curious to know about why some babies cry for hours when people dismiss it as simply being "SOME BABIES CRY FOR NO APPARENT REASON"? Or why some children are destined to have poor health for the rest of their lives, and parents write it off as being "BAD GENES or a TOUGH BREAK FOR THE KID"? This book gives immense hope, faith and comprehension to people who are looking for answers about health from our heavenly Father.

After reading the book, you will begin to have your eyes opened to God's perspective on our lifestyles and you may not like it, but if you acknowledge it, your relationship with Christ will bloom--you will forever be changed for the better! This book not only deals with natural healing, but also faith healing--which is something so many people are skeptical about now days because of all of the "false healers". Tenna Merchent teaches you how to connect with your maker in a way that not many people connect now days--through depending on Him and His ways for healing. My faith grew as I turned the pages of this book!

There are a few things from this book that stirred by soul completely down to it's core....
  1. The fact that her story was frighteningly similar to my husband's and my experience with our children, except we had all the issues to a slightly lessened degree that she mentioned over a time frame of 4 years between two children. Therefore, it wasn't as drastic as her experience. However, we got answers right away after starting our search, and she unfortunately had to have several bad experiences with natural health practitioners before finding the Master Herbalist who helped her.
  2. I know of 3 Master Herbalists now, who all share the same two qualities with one another: DEEP faith in our Savior Jesus Christ whom they give all their healing knowledge and abilities to. Knowledge to turn around almost any health condition to start the healing process. These qualities ALWAYS win people over to Christ's healing methods & the idea that his healing CAN and DOES happen in our times and our country! Master Herbalists seem to have the special gift of healing, so encourage you to find one and learn from them!
  3. The courage she has to share her story completely with sparing no details --she took the chance to reach even those who aren't yet "ready" with a "prepared heart and open mind" to receive her story or fully believe it!
Take a step of faith and order the book from for as little as $9.....please join me in changing our lives to living from a whole different perspective! Also, you've done so good with e-mailing me with questions in the past, please feel free to do this if you chose to read the book. I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions--you'll be in my prayers!



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