Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a WAY to Worship!!!!!

We've been hitting it pretty hard on Body Food over the past month, so I thought I'd toss some Soul Food your way! This video just has a way of drawing you in, giving you goosebumps, and staying with you in your thoughts for long after watching it!

I would love to get the church youth Group that we lead to do this, or maybe even start a Bell Choir with them! It seems like all the Direction-Changing movies like: Grid Iron Gang, Sister Act, and Dangerous Minds had a commonl purpose amongst those involved, in order to do something great. Sure, our youth group does Bible lessons, discussions and goofing around, but how cool would it to be to get something meaningful like this going...something that will turn heads and give the youth a passion and interest for their savior?

I plan to start praying for our church youth to find a task or purpose in order to draw them closer together and serve God better. I am not musically gifted, orartistically gifted, but would love to try if I had a direction to go! Please keep your eyes open on any ideas that you find as well.... or if you stumble upon the instructions for how they organized this video!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homeopathic Remedies to Keep on Hand:

If you haven't read my Homeopathy Basics BLOG, or if you need a refresher, please click to read: This Link.

Our family's best investment when first starting off in doing homeopathy was this kit:

The kit has specific remedies to treat such things as:

  • Burns
  • Bladder, Ear, Sinus and Skin infections
  • Sore Throats
  • Food poisoning
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion/Gas
  • Leg Cramps and Growing Pains
  • Insect Bites/Stings
  • Mastitis
  • Motion Sickness
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Poison Ivy, Poison Oak/Nettles
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Surgery/Injuries
  • Teething
  • Diaper Rash

You can purchase this 30c Homepathic Remedy Kit (click on words), along with the Homeopathic Self-Care Book to go with it, at the Washington Homeopathic Products Website (or click on the word links above) for $125 together. We do not travel without this big mama remedy kit! It is a must-have survival/first aid kit for around the house and to take with you when you are away from home.

Of course, whenever you use a relative herb with any of these, you will see the body heal/deal with the condition faster because the more accurate support you give the body as you fight off a condition, the better the body will deal with it. So, for instance, the two remedies in the kit that fight Bladder infection best are called: Staphysagria and Cantharis(tells you in the book that comes with it).....but you would get even better and faster relief by adding the well-known herb to fight bladder infection, which is the CORNSILK Herb Capsule. Add on top of it Cranberry Juice (Bladder cleanser) and some GOLDEN SEAL Herb Capsules, which are known as the all-natural version of an Anti-biotic, and you got it made! When fighting off illnesses and infections, the MORE specific support you can give your body, the better.

In addition to our kit, we also have on hand these elemental homeopathic remedies in pellet form. Some of them you can get from natural health websites and stores, and others have been made by our Homeopathic Consultant:

  • Chlorinum (for chlorine exposure--swimming in pools)
  • Gelsemium(a flu remedy-muscle aches, diarrhea, etc)
  • Influenzinum (contains original of all flu strains)
  • Tuberculinum (terrible coughing spells and viruses)
  • Oscillococcinum ( for flue-ish and virus symptoms)

We keep these combination Homeopathic Remedies on hand in our house:

  • Complete Virus
  • Viral Recovery (aids in recovering from viruses faster)
  • Rescue 5 (used to calm and relax--works well on kids and animals)
  • Chemstat (take before/after any type of chemical exposure--hair dye, yard sprays, etc)
  • Infectistat (worked great when husband's cut got infected)
  • Terrestristat (take after radiation exposure--xrays, hospitals, etc)
  • V HP (virus support)
  • Bac HP (bacterial infection support)
  • Grippe HP (vomiting, diarrhea, flu symptoms)
  • Travel Sickness (for nausea symptoms)
  • Pre/Post Surgetone (for any accidents, injuries, trauma....our daughter and pet both went through major surgery with no pain medications and no pain, only this on an hourly basis)

Just keep in mind, when using Homeopathic remedies, you may not see a complete elimination of symptoms right away because:

  • Your body may need a few doses over the course of a few days
  • Because you need a different remedy
  • Because it takes some time for your body's systems to all settle back to normal (skin, mucus membranes, blood vessels, bowels, etc.)
  • Because you're repeatedly exposing yourself to the root of the problem (allergic to the farmaldahyde in your new carpet? You can't fully improve from something if you can't get your body away from it long enough to heal! When having REGULAR symptoms that won't go away, always consider what new items you have brought into your home recently(within a week's time)...set it out in the garage for a week if it's small enough to move...then see if symptoms go completely away!

However, let your body talk to you through it's symptoms--return of a symptom that had gone away after taking a remedy? Take another dose of the same remedy! NO relief of symptoms after 2 doses? Try a different remedy! Different and new symptoms after relief from a different remedy, use a new remedy by evaluating your symptoms!

The HEALTHIER you eat, and the less chemicals, radiation and electricity you are around, the faster your body will respond to Homeopathic Remedies. That is why many children and babies respond better and faster than some adults to remedies--because they don't have years of exposure to things like: a poor diet of "anti-nutrients", yard and bug sprays, cell phone use, computer use, or hospital stays with radiation. One of my friends, when getting into Homeopathy, hit the nail on the head when she said, " So, my kids may not respond to remedies as well as your kids, because they haven't had the no-sugar diet your kids have had for the past 2 years.....but time will improve this?" Yes! The more health you give to your body--then the more health it will want, and the more health it will respond to! The more sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and corn syrup you give your body--the more your body will exclusively want to focus on these things, instead of being hungry for/wanting the foods and nutrients that will sustain it!

Praise be to God for you taking responsibility of your own health with your own resources and knowledge! Just be sure to get assistance from a Natural Health Consultant/Professional Homeopathic Consultant if you aren't getting relief from your symptoms.... a consultant who will TEACH you to care for yourself, and one who can give you higher potencies of your remedies!


******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Intro to Homeopathy

Are you looking for a healing substance that has no recorded instances of anyone that has ever been harmed by it? One that addresses the individual needs of a person and doesn't cause unpredicted side effects in the process? How about a healing substance that doesn't need to be taken on a daily basis for the rest of your life, yet can give you relief for the rest of your life? Many traditional medications are taken with the intent to destroy the specific disease organism, leading to weakened immune systems and destroyed beneficial bacteria. But, Homeopathy neither covers up or destroys disease, which is what makes it so safe! Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's reaction to throw off the defender, and actually strengthen the immune system while doing this. The only hard part about it is that you have to do a little research to figure out the exact symptoms of the problem and individualize the treatments!

The answer to how Homeopathy works is "Like is cured by Likes", in reference to the Scientific Law of Similars. It was developed by a German scientist named Dr. Samuel Heinemann in the year 1796. The idea behind his research was to cure the individual patient and his/her CAUSES to their disease, rather than the disease itself. Although most symptoms head down a similar course as one another to a degenerative disease, the CAUSE of the symptoms are what vary from individual to individual, and therefore have to be treated individually. Two people may both be experiencing flu-like symptoms--one may have a virus, and the other food poisoning, but neither of them are certain of the cause, only the symptoms. Either way, a medication suppresses it, which may partially relieve some symptoms, but then takes even longer for the body to heal from it. Homeopathy can help in that you look up the type of specific symptoms you have: acidic indigestion, cramping, nausea, fever, constipation, dirrhea, vomiting, etc, and then you would take a remedy that helps with those same symptoms. For instance, the Ipecac Remedy would be the choice remedy to help stop vomiting!

Homeopathy gently stimulates the body's immune system by giving it a jump-start in energy to defend the invading attacker. The way it does this is by using a small dose of a substance made into a remedy to heal, instead of using the same substances in large quantity which would cause negative effects. It is well-known that Ipecac induces vomiting, but the remedy Ipecac which has been diluted hundreds of times, is a frequently used remedy so stop nausea and vomiting.

The major problem is that most people do not fully understand how homeopathy works, and they get frustrated when they try to blindly use their limited knowledge to heal themselves and it doesn't work right away. When someone truly comprehends how homeopathy works, and has seen it heal someone, they will know that if it DOESN'T work for the intended healing purpose desired, they just didn't find the right one! So, then you just try another one. Yes, this can be costly if you chose to buy remedies individually, because they typically run about $11-$13 a piece. Or, you can purchase 50 in a kit (see below) to save on money in the long run. Either way, the good news about it is that they never expire and you generally use only a few drops at a time, unlike a medication that you may pay up to hundreds of dollars for and throw out after the one use! So, you will build up a collection for convenient use when you need it next.

You can buy remedies in ELEMENTAL FORM, or COMBINATION FORM. ELEMENTAL meaning one like the Ipecac remedy which treats a specific symptom, or an example of a COMBINATION would be one with Ipecac in it, along with a few other elements that will treat a broader range of symptoms. You can buy ELEMENTAL remedies in pellet form (they look like little white balls) or in liquid form. You can buy the COMBINATIONS in liquid form, and on the label it will tell you all the elemental remedies in it.

BELOW: Here are two liquid drop Combination remedies bought for $11/piece at a Natural Health store

BELOW: Here is an example of a Pellet Remedy in ELEMENTAL form. You will notice that there are 50 of them in this kit that I purchased for $100, making each one of these ELEMENTAL REMEDIES roughly $2/piece.....considerably cheaper than the liquid drop Remedies.....but also a large upfront cost. IT GOES ALONG WITH THE BOOK: Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family. You can purchase this Remedy Kit at Washington Homeopathic Products, but BE SURE to purchase the book from the link above at, or else from the kit link HERE: Homeopathic Self-Care. STARTING to use this KIT and BOOK together is the most reasonable and practical way to start learning and using Homeopathy in your home.

When taking a "dose" of a remedy, an adult dose is considered to be 3-5 pellets or 3-5 drops, a child's dose is 1-2 pellets or 1-2 drops. They should both be placed under the tongue and allowed to set or be absorbed for a least 10-15 seconds. This way, the remedy will be absorbed directly into the blood stream for quick and effective use. After 10 seconds, they can be chewed, spit out, or swallowed.

You will need to avoid essential oils, food and drink (even water) for 10 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Tooth paste, mouthwash and mints, coffee and tea should be avoided for at least 45 minutes before and after a remedy is taken. These things take away the effectiveness of remedies because they are so fragile in composition.

When storing a remedy, be sure to not have it anywhere near anything electrical, or containing aromatic fragrances, which can both ruin the remedy and limit its effectiveness.

I will give you some good COMBINATION REMEDIES to keep on hand in my next BLOG, but for now here are the basics......ENJOY!


******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cell Phone EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)

AWARENESS is the key point I hope to drive across to my readers today.

The original dinosaur version of cell phones (that looked like big clunky Walkie-talkies) used to be operated by mostly business owners and entrepreneurs. Then, people started to take them with as they traveled, keeping them mostly off unless calling someone for help. More recently, cell phones came into the common market scene with slick new colorful pocket sized designs, being used by most everyone from children to grandpas and grandmas. We are now to the point that people are replacing their land lines, computers, cameras and video cameras since their phones have Internet and e-mail capabilities. Some parents are regularly sending their children off to school with cell phones in their pockets, because they make a great communication device for safety and tracking purposes.

"There are over 264 million wireless subscribers, who rely on 2 million cell phone towers in the United Sates of America to relay their 2.1 trillion cell phone minutes annually! The new approaching WiMax networking system can blanket a 30 mile radius of coverage for broadband access, compared to WiFi's 300 foot range. With WiMax, a single cell phone tower will provide coverage to a 3,000 square mile radius, leaving virtually no spot in America untouched with cell phone reception and Elector-Magnetic frequencies!" It was believed that cell phones did not have enough power to heat tissue,so the government didn't mandate investigation into potential health problems. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4, page 54) Since so many people are on Cell Phones now days, it is good to be aware of some possible effects of cell phone use:

It may not practical to revert back to pre-cell phone days, so what is a good way to protect yourself and your family? There is a company called BIO-PRO TECHNOLOGIES, that has made it their mission to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body. BIOPRO Technology has quickly emerged to assume an international leadership position in the fields of progressive Wellness and Green Technologies. What started as one “BioEnergetic” product to deal with the health hazards associated with Cell Phone usage, soon expanded into a line of Wellness and GreenTech products.

Bio-Pro's MRET-Shield Polymer Cell Phone Chips work by neutralizing harmful effects of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation (EMF's and EMR's). They call it MRET or Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, and it was developed by a Russian nuclear physicist over a period of 2 decades, since cell phones have been around for 25 years. The polymer composition works by being stimulated by Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation, which in turn, emits a low frequency that neutralizes the negative frequencies. With using ERT, or Energy Resonance Technology, its subtle energy output also measurably strengthens the the body's own ability to withstand the stressors of ElectroMagnetic Radiation. It works effectively on cell phones, Blue Tooth and PDA's. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4,Page56)

My husband and I have had our cell chips for 2 years now, and have noticed a number of interesting things:

  • Since my husband is out in a truck driving by himself most days, he spends most of this time on the phone with people. His first cell phone we tried covering with the cell chip, gave him intense headaches everyday. So, we ordered the chip, thinking it would relieve him of these. We were surprised and dis-heartened to find that it didn't! So we called Bio Pro to ask if something was wrong with the chip, and they told us that there are not supposed to be any side-effects once the chip was on. So, then we assumed that it must be the phone, and took it back. It turned out the phone was shorting out, and had a rather large out-put of radiation as a result. He still got occasional mild headaches from his new phone, but once we got that Cell Chip on, he had complete relief! The point is, that we tend to discount when our bodies are trying to tell us something, writing it off as coincidence or a problem that will go away. But when you body doesn't show signs anymore, it usually gives up by pushing the problem into deeper bodily tissues, causing deeper problems like cancer and leukemia to eventually develop. Research shows that brain cancer usually takes 15-20 years to develop, but cell phone use has been linked to cancers that are showing up after only 10 years of use. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4, page 55) We had to take the initiative to research the cause of my husband's headaches, and he ended up getting complete relief once he got his cell chip on!
  • I always thought it was coincidence that every time I got on my phone, my kids would start fighting, acting up, arguing and crying for one reason or another. I would get so upset at the idea that they would do this to me! I never considered there would be a connection between the timing of their fussiness, and that of my phone calls. With my cell chip on now, I can confidently deal with any problems that arise, having no doubt in my head that their little bodies are not being effected by something I'm doing to them! I admit, there is not a complete turn around, but I can honestly say that I see more patience in them and less frustrations while waiting for my phone conversations to be completed!
  • We were in the Chicago airport on the way to my cousin's wedding, when we ran into a guy who noticed my husband's cell phone chip. Turns out, his wife has him using the same Bio Pro Cell Phone Chip as us, since he travels and is on his phone quite a bit. She told him she wanted him to cut down his chances of developing brain cancer and told him he can't use his phone without it! Wow, that made us feel good that the word is getting out and people are taking the initiative to protect themselves!
I found the following information on the website Cell-phone

This thermography test was conducted by Dr.Fickes at Fickes Holistic Care Corp, Honolulu, Hawaii. The ability to detect and measure the thermal energy emitted from any object is known as thermography. The instruments used to measure the thermal energy are infrared cameras, and these cameras convert the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images that can be translated into a photograph. The images of the forty-five year-old woman that follow were captured in January 2007 by Dr. Fickes. In viewing a Thermography test, one can see the BIO-PRO's MRET-Shield Technology at work in the last picture, compared with the middle picture, where the woman was exposed to a cell phone without the chip.

Pictured below: Control- Subject not exposed to cell phone radiation

Pictured below: Subject was talking on an unprotected cell phone for 15 minutes. It can be seen that there is an increase in temperature in all areas of the face. ONE MUST BE AWARE THAT THERMAL EFFECTS ARE ONLY ONE ASPECT OF RADIATION DAMAGE! There are more.

Pictured below: Subject used a cell phone with the Bio-Pro cell chip for 15 minutes. There has been a reduction of heat in all areas of the sinuses, face and peripheral areas, when compared to the previous image (talking on an unprotected phone) .

There are a number of different tests to prove the validity of these Cell Phone Chips, along with several news broadcasts warnings of the dangers of Cell phones that I will be posting at later times, if you are not fully decided on this issue yet. HOWEVER, after you read this BLOG, please ask God to open your heart and eyes to show you if you are being harmed by any of these things. Like I said, my point is not to make you feel bad, but instead, to educate you on things I have found to be harmful to our bodies. My husband and I love having the comfort in knowing we are protected from any effects that Cell Phones have, and hope that you might consider any loved ones you know that may benefit from having one as well. It not only stops the cell Phone user from being effected by the harmful radiation, but others near them as well! The retail cost of one of these is $34.95, feel free to browse around the website (click on words) and put in an order if you desire. Please pray about this topic and consider how much cell phone use you may be putting yourself at risk with, when there is something that gives you effective and safe coverage!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The "EXTRAS" In Our Home

(In my BLOGS, PINKS are LINKS, click on them to find more info)
1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.
I struggled in trying to find a verse to relate to today's topic, and what came to mind was this one, only because of how common it is for people to have common things in their house that can be hazardous to their health....but taken in small amounts go virtually unnoticed. Just because a substance doesn't show IMMEDIATE effects, does that make it any safer? Well, in my book the answer would be "no". If someone told me that rat poison would not bother me when rubbed on my skin in small amounts, and instead would soften my skin, make it look younger and make me smell good--I'm still going to stick to my safe products, even if I never see vibrant or sweet-smelling skin!

Whether there is truth in the beauty comment or not, it is irrelevant since I know at what expense I would be obtaining this beauty at! I may not notice IMMEDIATE signs of the poison and I may get healthier "looking" skin! But taking what knowledge I know about poison, I am not going to take that chance. The same goes for any lotions, cleaners, lip balm, perfumes, antacid relievers, room fresheners, fabric softeners, etc.....if you can't pronounce the ingredients, or if they contain artificial ANYTHING, I would be hesitant to use it if you haven't done an in-depth study on the long-term effects YOURSELF. Yes, they say they tested them, and you would like to trust everyone, but it says in the BIBLE:
Psalms 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. THERE ARE SAFE, NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO THESE THINGS, but you have to search for them!

  • ROOM FRESHENERS, PERFUMES, LOTIONS: essential oils are natural, and were used in the BIBLE for several purposes: (Exodus 35:28 They also brought spices and olive oil for the light and for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense.) There are several pleasant smelling essential oils in nutrition stores that even have "testers" that you can smell before you buy: LAVENDER, JASMINE, ROMAN CHAMOMILE, and GRAPEFRUIT, are great for body scents as perfumes and for mixing into natural lotions; CINNAMON LEAF, PEPPERMINT, LEMON, work great in PLUG-IN ESSENTIAL OIL DIF FUSERS. Natures Sunshine even has an inexpensive CITRUS FRESH DIFFUSER KIT, that comes with 3 oils and a diffuser. The difference between essential oils and "common" room fresheners, perfumes and lotions is that they are not made out of chemicals that accumulate over the years to cause body function disruptions and health problems. They are used in the Bible, and are beneficial to the body. Here's a great ESSENTIAL OILS GUIDE!(click on words!)
  • CLEANERS: I use clear, cheap/gallon Vinegar with my laundry in the rinse cycle as a fabric softener and to get out any chemicals that my natural laundry soap missed. This also works well as a window/glass cleaner or a paste mixed with baking soda to scrub grimy spots. I also use an ENZYME SPRAY that is plant-based and breaks down the molecular structure of food stains, deodorizes anything, and works great as a toilet cleaner by breaking down the "crud". We use SUNSHINE CONCENTRATE for basically all the rest because I absolutely love the fresh smell it has and the multiple uses it carries with it: a bubble bath that leaves no bathtub ring, a shampoo that doesn't irritate eyes by shutting off tear duct sensors like Johnson's "no tears", a cleaner for anything indoors or out, a dish soap, and a laundry booster and detergent. MIRACLE II SOAP is also a very versatile soap, being used from anything in the bath to the laundry to the dishes! It also was made with PRAYER as an ingredient, how cool is that.... Here's the link: MIRACLE II SOAP
  • ACID RELIEF: Our girls and I love STOMACH COMFORT CHEWABLES, or TUMMY YUMMIES as our girls call it. It not only aids in digestion, but also promotes it by gradually building enzymes instead of breaking them down like commercial antacids do. Although, keep in mind that everyday heartburn is a warning sign God gives our bodies that we are lacking enzymes from eating processed foods.
  • ENZYMES: Most people avoid these because they aren't sure how they work, or which ones to pick. In truth, they are essential to maintaining good health because you need enzymes in order to break down foods to get the nutrients out! Our body should naturally have these, but in many cases, these enzymes are destroyed by our processed food choices, so then have to be supplemented or else seek assistance in re-building them from a natural health practitioner. Natures sunshine offers an ENZYME BROCHURE to cover the types, and how each type of enzyme works. Basic FOOD ENZYMES provide a blend of these essential enzymes. Otherwise there are: PROTEASE for breaking down protein, HI LIPASE for breaking down lipids, or fats, and LACTASE for breaking down lactose. Viruses and bacteria can actually LIVE in our intestine for days at a time, thus keeping the symptoms around. When our 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with RSV by her doctor and was told she'd take 5-10 days to get over it, I began reading up on natural remedies. I gave her enzymes to break down the virus as I had read. By the next day she was feeling better and was fully recovered by day 3! Don't underestimate the power of Enzymes!
  • SADNESS, EMOTIONS, TRAUMATIC EVENTS: I absolutely love my "EMOTIONAL SUPPORT" Drops and carry them in my purse everywhere, and when I travel. It helps with not being able to sleep due to too many thoughts and stress, it helps in coping with funerals and death (helped me immensely in my grandmother's death this past month!), it helps with not bawling like a baby over sappy movies, it helps in dealing with break-ups...basically anything that causes sadness! Try it out! Take 3-5 drops for a quick fix, take 5-10 drops hourly for traumatic events--made completely out of the herbs: Blackberry, Buckthorn Bark, Ginseng, Nettle, Oat Groats, and Violet flower essences.
  • MUSCLE ACHES, HEAD ACHES, ANTISEPTICS: I love my Epsom salts, and always have a container in our bathroom cabinet to put in baths to relax and to soak painful extremeties! Pick them up for under $10 while you're grocery shopping or at any convenience store. Also, FORMULA 303, found at many nutrition stores, works as an aspirin would--muscle spasms, nervousness, stress headaches, back and body aches--only with safe and natural ingredients!
  • SILVER SHIELD: helps with skin problems and itchy irritations or can be taken internally to assist with detoxification and cleansing to rid the body of allergens and sensitivities. We also use this as a spray-on moist, to kill moldy areas of our house since we live in a 1910 home.
  • Chapped lips, cuts and scrapes, diaper rash, dry, irritated skin calls for: CALENDULA OINTMENT! Yes, you green thumbs will recognise that Calendula officinalis is actually the flower MARIGOLD, so YES this ointment is made out of something natural! Just be sure to check if has petroleum in it if you get it from somewhere other than the link!
  • SNACKING, A SWEET TREAT and a MEAL REPLACEMENT: These wonderful "Quest" Protein Shakes have a permanent place on our kitchen cupboard shelf for a number of reasons! Our family loves these TASTY "treats" as a non-sugar snack replacement for ice cream shakes, for a quick high protein breakfast to keep tummies full for hours, and to substitute for when we are unable to have meat for a meal (just add a few fruits or veggies to give you your daily need!). Our bodies need such a large amount of protein daily to repair and maintain body tissues, and children need large amounts to grow well and develop proper body systems! I have compared it to commercial protein shakes, and it doesn't even compare! These shakes have a naturally low sugar content (check the label for "sugar grams": ours has 1.5, derived from a natural herb sweetener called stevia!), a large amount of protein, has a full spectrum of amino acids, is derived from WHEY--a product known to be used in past decades to heal a number of health ailements, and is low glycemic--so metabolically balanced! Right now they have a special of buy one container, get half off of the next...chocolate, vanilla, berry, banana and orange flavors. If you would like me to put in an order for you, I would love to combine shipping with mine to save us both money. Otherwise, call toll-free 1-877-543-3522 and ask for Harold as a new customer. I have had multiple conversations with Harold, the maker of "Quest", over the past months and have found him to be a very personable, professional and trustworthy person!
Well, I think that is a good start for now. I will be going into these more specifically over the next few months, but at least for now you have a list you can go over to see what changes you can afford or wish to make. One helpful hint that was passed on to me by a reader: they bookmark the different lists I have given to you as a resource for easy finding! Just click on the title, and then the individual http address for that particular BLOG pops up on the top. Add it to your favorite addresses to view later when you are ready to add another item to your herb drawer, medicine cabinet, childrens snack cupboard or extras closet! Enjoy and thank you for reading!!!
In Christ, Ms. Salubrious
******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Herb Site Up & Running!

For those of you enquiring, my Natures Sunshine Herb site is up and running! You will still get my discount (by placing a minnimum of $40 order, and becoming a "memeber"), and can still e-mail me asking for advice on which herbs to purchase for what, but now you can put in orders as you wish. Instead of having to put orders in to me through e-mail, and hooking up with me later to get them, you can order at your convenience and have them shipped directly to your house! Here's our site link and address: . Just keep in mind if you do not have an order totaling $40 and do not wish to become a member, then you'll have to either e-mail me with your order to get my discount, or else shop re-tail on my account.

I will also have posted a permanent link on the right side under Natures Sunshine labeled: Order NATURES SUNSHINE PRODUCTS with my discount! that will take you to this website, also.

Well, let me tell you how hard it was for me to get to the point of even WANTING a Natures Sunshine website! I am not one much for change, so I have to ask God for obvious signs if he wants me to change something in my life. Examples:

  • Before going to the natural practitioner I currently go to for advice, I went to 2 others, over the course of 3 years! So, it was very slow-going, with me kicking and screaming (figuratively speaking!) the whole way, until God gave me no other choice with our second child's state of health. Point proven, I found one who would teach me as I went!
  • After ordering Natures Sunshine products over the past 3 years, and visibly seeing the benefits in treating my family, I was told by someone that I should sell it. "No, no, I don't need to make myself more busy than I already am!" I said. So, God gave me an obvious sign in my mom, grandma, and sister asking me to order things for them as I put my own orders in. Ok, point proven, I will order for others as I order for myself, BUT I WILL NOT "SELL" it at retail to make a profit!
  • A close friend told me I should start "BLOGGING" to share my life experiences. I thought, "No way, I don't have time for that, plus I'm no good at writing!" Well, God had to show me I could do it from a different perspective! I wouldn't need to write for entertainment, but instead for educating others so that they can learn to care for themselves like I learned! Point Proven, I will look at life from several different perspectives!
  • Someone told me I should start my own Natures Sunshine website in order to make it easy for others to order the products they want and make it easier on myself with paper work and such. I said, "No, no, I won't be able to talk with others as much!" Well, it's taken quite a bit to get to this point from my comfort zone of all my medications, but God laid it on my heart WITHOUT ANY OBVIOUS SIGNS. Point proven, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks...

So, you may be asking why I'm trying to help you with my discount, if I don't benefit, myself? Well, I know my time will come when enough product will go through my Natures Sunshine website each month to start earning points towards a new car or a trip or something, haa, haa! But, in the mean time, I just want to give you the same opportunity that was given to me. An opportunity to live healthier through knowledge (my complimentary BLOG site) and an opportunity to switch over to using herbs at a cheaper cost because we all can use to save a little money! I am a Christian and God has called me to SERVE others!

Next, you may ask why you can't just purchase them through health stores----well you certainly can! But, they will be charging you retail for the products (shipping, handling, and PROFIT!). Take for instance, the BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE, is something our family takes nightly to increase the amount of good bacteria in our intestines.

  • The uses: building immunity to viruses and contaminants that go through our digestion system by strengthening the intestinal walls, thus not allowing any non-nutritional substances to be absorbed into the body system.
  • Benefits: When MY FAMILY gets sick, many times it's just a matter of a few hours to get it through our intestinal tract, along with minimal symptoms like indigestion, a few minor aches, and less energy. With others, they absorb the virus/contaminant into their blood stream, taking a day or even a few days to get better, all the while vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats, massive body and headaches, and tons of sleeping! Of course, it's taken us a few years to get here, but I'd much rather be here than back when I'd get the flu 3-4 times a winter for 3-5 days!!!
  • Cost: I have paid up to $25.00 for BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE in Sioux Falls, and on my site, I pay $17.75 plus shipping and handling...about $20.00 altogether....a savings of $5.00! No, it's not an enormous amount, but I find that anything helps!

You will also find herbs from other companies at these health stores, and I encourage you to try them out if you feel led to do so! (However, please do not waste your money on herbs from convenience stores that have such small amounts of nutrition in them!) If you find a cheaper herb from a nutrition store that works as good as the good ones do, then good for you! However, in your process of finding a "good, cheap one", please be sure to pay close attention to see if you have any side effects from the possible fillers. Also, if you do not see results from the lack of nutrient potency, please do not feel obligated to keep taking them .... you will only keep thinking about the money you wasted and become bitter as you continue taking them for no reason! (like I did--been there, done that, gave up on "cheap ones" that did nothing for me!!!)

Be sure to check out the Analyze your own Health link on the right under Natures Sunshine that you can click on to help you decide what things would be most useful to you in your present condition.

You will find on the Natures Sunshine website an enormous amount of health items that you can learn more about beyond just herbs: natural household cleaning products, vitamins, oils, etc. Each item has a very detailed description of uses and benefits. I plan to cover all of my "extras" in our house from not only Natures Sunshine, but other companies as well, in my next BLOG. Check back next week!

In Christ, Whol-E-Herbster

******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******