Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Banning Nutrition Legal? It is in This Case!

"The primary role of VITAMIN B6 is to act as a co enzyme to many other enzymes in the body that are involved predominantly in metabolism." From Wikipedia, defining the Vitamin that this BLOG is about today.

BELOW: 2 article Titles, one forshadowing the other, and what today's BLOG involves:

On June 25, 2008, there was an article written by NaturalNews called: Drug Company Seeks to Outlaw Vitamin B6 to Protect Pharma Profits

Not a year later, on February 12, 2009, Natural News wrote an article to follow-up this previous one called:
FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug, Effectively Banning (it)Pyridoxamine From Dietary Supplements:
Here is a "condensed" version of the second article from Natural News:

"The FDA has effectively banned a naturally-occurring form of vitamin B6 called pyridoxamine by declaring it to be a drug, reports the American Association for Health Freedom. Responding to a petition filed by a DRUG COMPANY, the FDA declared pyridoxamine to be "a new drug." Now, any nutritional supplements containing pyridoxamine(B6) will be considered adulterated and illegal by the FDA, which may raid vitamin companies and seize such products. Manufacturers of such supplements can be arrested and shut down for engaging in "illegal drug trafficking."

Pyridoxamine occurs naturally in fish, chicken and other foods (, putting the Food and Drug Administration in the strange position of banning a substance from dietary supplements even though it is already present in the nation's food supply! It's not the first time the FDA has declared a natural nurtient to be a "drug" while attacking nutritional supplements that contain the same nutrient. Such is the nature of the FDA's agenda to criminalize nutritional supplements companies and limit consumers' access to Natural remedies. It would be like Big Pharma patenting vitamin C, then the FDA claiming that all oranges and lemons were adulterated with drugs because they naturally contain their own vitamin C.

So will this ruling on pyridoxamine affect nutritional supplements? Yes, any supplements containing this natural-occuring form of vitamin B6 can now be declared "adulterated" by the FDA. The pyridoxamine "drug," by the way (which is just pyridoxamine), is designed to prevent the progression of kidney disease. Most likely, the FDA will eventually approve the "drug" for that condition, even while claiming vitamin B6 supplements containing the very same element are useless and unlawful.

This is another classic oppression tactic of the FDA: Ban the herb, but promote the drug using the same make-up. The same thing happened with ephedra, a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb known as ma huang. The FDA banned the herb, saying it was "dangerous at any dose," but pharmaceuticals containing the very same molecules (ephedrine) are still being sold over-the-counter as cold medicines, meaning they're available to any child without a prescription. The bottom line is this: FDA approvals and bans have nothing to do with science and everything to do with protecting drug companies profits. If a drug company can make money selling a vitamin as a drug, the FDA will gladly ban the vitamin and protect the drug. If a drug company can rip off a nutrient from Nature and patent it, the FDA will ban that same nutrient found in nature." --maybe even going so far as to say that the vitamin version we are familiar with is "not healthy at any dose" but the patented scientific version is beneficial--which has been done with other nutrients in the past.

So what does all this mean? Well, one can only assume that American Pharmaceutical Companies are out to make a profit, and would like you to have to get a prescription through a doctor to get this Vitamin if you need it for Stomach Metabolization purposes. Basically, not enough people are buying chemically-designed drugs made by PEOPLE, so PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES need to bottle up a valuable Vitamin designed BY GOD with claims of ownership to sell it! All the while, banning the virtually identical version of it that Natural Health Stores have been selling for decades, earning a very little Profit off of it! Why? Well, because there is a possibility for huge profits out there, and the Pharmaceutical Companies want to claim it!

My Grandma, in her final years, needed Vitamin B to be able to tolerate digesting foods on her own. I just put in my order for a few bottles of it from Natures Sunshine--I figure the FDA could decide to enforce their new law days from now, or years from now, but I'm not waiting to find out! I may not need it now, but I may need it many years from now---and then, what if they never made a drug out of it, and it's still banned? Or what if they added chemicals to it to be "more effective" and I have a side effect from the chemicals added to it? Either, way, I'm thinking ahead, and not going to be regretting it later. For those who need it now, or think there are pre-destined genes that may call for it later on....I encourage you to seek out the natural version while it's still in e-stores and on store shelves!


******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******


  1. Very sad, indeed! Too many well people in society do not make as much money for the Pharms as sick people do. Our health care decisions are one of the final frontiers in our freedom as Americans. Interesting how we are free to have the "choice" to kill unborn babies, yet we are being pushed in a direction of not having a "choice" to use certain nutrients to keep ourselves healthy!

  2. I agree with you 100%! There is freedom to smoke because it causes cancer, but not freedom to drink raw milk and use Vitamin B because those make you healthier!

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