Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Herbs 101

Before Beginning, please read or review: "my medicine cabinet" BLOG (click on words) for background knowledge!

Ezekiel 47:12"Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”

Herbs can be compared to foods, but not medications. They are not made out of chemicals like most medications, but rather work as a "super-food"---assimilating quicker and working deeper than most any food can. Specific herbs support, feed and cleanse the body, working GRADUALLY to eliminate built-up toxins and re-build vital tissues, thus producing noticeable changes. The speed at which you notice the change is directly influenced by the nutrients you regularly ingest, the level of damage on the tissues present, and the inherited capabilities of your body. As the body cleanses, it will generally remove these through the bowels...producing softened or loose stools. However, if the respiratory system cleanses, it will come out in the form of mucus from the sinuses or lungs, which makes it quite natural and a blessing to have a runny nose....the body is cleansing itself from an intruder!

Herbs provide a nutritive substance to the body, something that no drug can do. Pharmaceuticals were originally derived from herbs, but are now mostly made out of chemicals, producing "relief" to the body by sending it into shock. Since the body cannot recognise a medication as a food, the stomach sends it directly into the circulatory system, instead of through the proper channel of the Liver, which was designed in us to filter toxins before allowing them to go on to the vital organs of the body. The drugs by-pass all the filtering systems, and thus do "as they please" to other parts of our body. Symptoms of Medication usage are gradual, and most likely start as small side effects: dependency over a long period of time (either needing it daily or here and there a few times....but it will increase as the use increases), by gradually starting other symptoms that will become visable in a few months or few years time, or by leading to another need of a medication.....thus finding at age 60 how easy it is for people to be on 5-10 medications daily!

We know from the Bible that Herbs have been given to us for healing purposes. So, you may be asking... "Do I go out and find a leaf in my yard to rub on?" No, not exactly, although if you have an herb garden, it may be beneficial with the right plant! Herbs can be bought in several forms: I have bought it in dried bulk, capsules, liquid, teas, tinctures, extracts, salves, and in root form--depending upon what you would need it for. They can be used for building and maintaining bodily tissues by feeding and cleansing the body. If you go through a natural health practitioner as I do, you would be given a "healing program" to rid the body of a specific problem, and told what form to buy the herb in. When going straight to the source of the problem, you will be eliminating the symptoms as well! Otherwise, with a little herb knowledge from a book like: Prescription for Herbal Healing: A Reference to Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies by Phyllis A. Balch, you can try to treat "symptoms" of health problems as they arise. But, please keep in mind that you are only relieving symptoms--not the SOURCE of the problem, so you will continue to exhibit symptoms to relieve once again, shall they arise.

  • My daughter, Sage, was given a dried bulk herb next to her bedside in a "breathable" material that she would breath throughout the night as she slept when she was 9 months old...thus helping her to sleep better. Worked like a charm! That was the first night she slept through the night since she was born.
  • My other daughter, Sophie, was to swallow CORNSILK HERB CAPSULES to treat a bladder/urinary tract infection this past year. She never got an antibiotic for it, but only used cornsilk capsules and cranberry juice to treat it. She recovered within a day and was happily bouncing around again! I also relieved INFECTION this past fall with a specific herb capsule .... I had thick red infections lines running up about 4 inches from my fevered and hard infection spot. I took GOLDEN SEAL, every hour for about 2 days when I found myself to be fully relieved of symptoms!
  • I have always had asthma attacks and breathing problems, up until starting to eat organic foods these past few I very rarely will have difficulties, unless I breath in chemicals like varnish or harsh cleaners. When I do have breathing problems, I will use the LIQUID form of LOBELIA ESSENCE from Natures Sunshine , to rub on my lung area...getting complete relief within 10-15 minutes by taking Co enzyme-Q10 as well, if it's a really bad one.
  • Teas are used by our house for several reasons: illnesses, building immunity, constipation, sleeping better, or for improving brain functioning like my dear husband. Hy-Vee Health Market has a wide variety of Celestial Brand Herbal Teas that help relieve many types of health issues.
Now that you know what forms that herbs come in, I'm going to share with you the herbs I always keep on hand, and would encourage you to BUILD UP TO having this list as well, if you desire to treat symptoms and illnesses with herbs. I put them as links to the Natures Sunshine Website, only because I know the company upholds a high, Christian standard for finding and processing herbs. You may buy these herbs from most ANY company you desire, but keep in mind, if you do not know the company's morals, they may be selling you an herb with fillers and little nutrition--when I have an infection, I want to be able to trust that the Golden seal herb I buy will be potent enough to fight it off and not allow the infection to get worse! I will gladly order it for you with my discount, and not charging you anything beyond what I pay myself, otherwise you are free to pick up these herbs at any nutrition store. I would not reccomend buying herbs at conveinence stores.... if you decide to go "cheap" you may have side effects from the fillers they put in them, along with your health issue you took the herb for in the first place!

GOLDEN SEAL -- taken daily to build immune system, take hourly to work as a Pro-biotic to fight infection
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL--Take 1-2 after eating processed foods and chemical exposure to help absorb and rid the body of toxins and foods difficult to digest
BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE (ACIDOPHILUS) -- take each evening to improve overall immune system functioning by putting good bacteria into intestines. Aids digestion.
BLACK WALNUT CAPSULES and BLACK STRAP MOLASSES(1 Tbl)-- works together to eliminate sugar cravings if taken throughout the day, helps relieve yeast infections if taken hourly. Black Walnut also RIDS the BODY of PARASITES.
Abundant blessings CALENDULA SALVE-- soothing, healing and rebuilding properties for skin problems; be sure it does not contain petroleum!!
PSORIAFLORA CREAM --found at most nutrition stores--use for itchy, red, irritated, dry or eczema skin....this even got rid of a huge fungus/Ringworm patch I got diagnosed with and tried using before the drug prescribed!
FENUGREEK & THYME Capsules --Supports the respiratory system, relieves congestion by thinning mucus, soothes irritated respiratory tissue. Take hourly for congestion relief.
LBS II CAPSULES & LB EXTRACT(liquid for kids)-- Herbal Laxative, encourages regularity (your intestines can hold 3 typically-sized meals worth of food, so you should be eliminating 3x a day so that the toxins you breathe, and processed foods you eat do not "sit" in bowels to cause future colon problems). Only sold by Natures Sunshine.
LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL --Helps strengthen cells and cleanses blood system. We mix 1 tsp a day to drink in water, since we do not get chlorophyll naturally from eating a lot of raw vegetables. We drink a Tabl. of this with water to ease the stomach with indigestion or flu-like illnesses. Interestingly, the chlorophyll molecule is chemically similar to human blood, except that its central atom is magnesium, whereas that of human blood is iron.
MAGNESIUM COMPLEX--promotes musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health, especially during exercise. Provides relief to muscle aches. Take 1 a day to maintain bodily functions, or else take 2-3 at a time for muscle aches. (The heart, brain and kidneys cannot function without adequate levels of this nutrient)
COLLOIDAL LIQUID MINERALS -- Found in raw vegetables and fruit (if organic) otherwise one can get it from city water and non-organic foods at the expense of also ingesting chemicals to have to go through the liver. We use a "REVERSE OSMOSIS" unit that strips the water of everything, and then add in a TBL. to each gallon of R.O. water to replenish stripped minerals. Can also be put directly on skin BURNS to relieve pain. Will maintain proper thickness/thinness of BLOOD.

You know your body best, what your greatest needs are ..... so maybe start with that particular herb and build up as you gain knowledge or have different symptoms of a health problem! Good Luck, and may the LORD be with you on your journey to better health!!!


******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank the Lord for Good Memories

I am so very thankful for all the prayer support I received from all of you! You may be asking yourself how I would know if you prayed or not....but it was very obvious to me that our Lord lifted me up the day of my grandma's funeral. I thought I would be a blubbering mess, since this is what I had known of myself for these past few days. God was my rock, though, and with his support I found myself to be in great comfort during her funeral. I was able to confidently share the message at her funeral that I had written, and had but a few tears streaming down my cheeks here and there as I listened to the things that touched me:
  • My uncle's "thank you" to my grandpa, mother, and aunt for caring for grandma the past year and a half.
  • My cousin's touching and meaningful song lyrics that he read.
  • My brother's poem he wrote and had me read for him, and hearing my sister's lessons she's learned from grandma.
  • Pastor Dennis's stories of how my grandpa and grandma met at a carnival in Madison, how he proposed to her across the ocean, and how they lived the dreams they shared.
  • Singing "Jesus Loves Me" as a closure for her funeral because this is the song she sang to herself to get through her year and a half of pain.
  • Hearing the cemetery's chimes ring out "Jesus Loves Me" as we walked away from her burial site.

The thing that made me the saddest though, was that on the day she had planned to finally celebrate our Christmas, we gathered together for her funeral instead. As I experienced my sorrow, though, I also found comfort in the sermon of how beautiful heaven will be for all of us planning for it. I am happy for my grandma; with the lifestyle she lived, you could confidently say that she is up there enjoying a feast with her maker and savior as you read this. Yes, I cry each time I think of something about her, but I know that I will see her again someday.....

I am thankful for three lovable daughters who sent well-wishes to their great-grandma for her journey.....

I am thankful to have a sister who was along my side during my reading, and throughout the experience......

I am thankful for my cousins and grandpa to share upcoming memories with.....

I am thankful for my grandpa's loving brother and sister in laws to support him during his time of need.....

I am thankful for my mom--for all the great care she gave to my grandma and for the care she has always given to me......

And finally, I am thankful for a husband who hugged me when I needed it, helped me find smiles when I didn't want to, encouraged me to share something for my grandma that came from my heart, and was so busy taking pictures for me to scrapbook, that he forgot to be in pictures, himself .....

I thank you for reading my thoughts--I encourage you to return next week as I resume my health and faith BLOGS.

With Love, Whol-E-Herbster

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grandma Has Left Us

Thursday, January 22nd started out as any other typical morning on my calendar..... breakfast, our morning routine of getting dressed, a bit of school with the girls, and then heading off to run errands. However, as I went through my day, I kept thinking about going to see my relatives in my grandma's hospital room later that night.

We were just finishing our list of errands at the Brandon Library, where I was enjoying a puppet show being put on by my oldest two ..... Cookie monster, a giraffe, Ernie and a puppy singing "Old MacDonald had a Farm." After the closing of the show and applaud, I headed off to change Sierra's diaper down the hall. As I was doing this, I heard faint knock on the door....Sophie peers in and in a hurried voice says, "Mama, Grandma's on the phone crying, and wants to talk with you." My heart did a slight jump, as I got handed the phone from Sophie. My mom explained that at noon she was alone with grandma, holding her hand and noticed her chest not raising and lowering anymore, so called for the nurse. "Grandma left us." she said.

I frantically gathered the girls, headed to meet my husband at home and was off to the hospital. As I drove, a few thoughts went through my head ... "It wasn't supposed to happen this way, she had relatives coming in, we were supposed to all gather in her room tonight to support her!" and "My grandpa should have been with her, too!" and "She was supposed to catch up on sleep last night and feel better today"... but then I was reminded of the phrase "In God's timing" Thanks be to God for giving us the comfort we need in a time of confusion. It was after this that I found a smile as my focus shifted from being upset to being glad for Grandma. For right about now, she was possibly entering the Golden Gates we have read about in Revelation ... possibly hugging Jesus ..... maybe greeting her parents .... maybe being led around and shown a scenic sight, all the while being explained to how everything in heaven runs .....
I arrived at the hospital and ran up to grandma's room. I hugged my mom, hugged my grandpa, sat down and took in the situation. This room was grandma's gate to heaven ... quiet, peaceful, and even a bit lonely now without her. As we all left her room and headed down the hall, a miraculous thing happened...over the intercom came a soft and delicate lullaby song ... almost as a sign that Grandma moved on. But, rather, as my mom explained, "I always thought it would be nice if that went off when grandma died ... a baby being born at the same time as her passing."

I then went to my grandpa's house to be with my mom, grandpa, aunt and uncle for a little bit. My mom and I searched for the dress that my grandma had worn for her grand kid's past weddings. One that she looked absolutely beautiful in:
(Grandma was pictured here on the right)
Last night I didn't sleep very well; I had to lay in my husband's arms to fall asleep. After he left for work, I awoke to find myself covered with 3 precious little girls. One laying on my legs, one suggling in to my front side, and one squished in behind me.... it's always nice when God knows what you need to feel loved at a time when you feel heartbroken.
Tonight is the viewing and tomorrow will be her funeral. Please continue to pray for the family as they work their way through this tough time.
In His Grip, Whol-E-Herbster

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening my Heart

I would like to candidly share with all of my readers what is on my heart and what struggles I am in the middle of right now. I have tears streaming down my cheaks as I choke back the new tears that keep surfacing. I'm not sure where even to begin, how to verbalize the deep feelings I am experiencing, but I'll let today's events be the beginning.

My Grandma of 82 years is going through the hardest trial she has known in her lifetime. All of her siblings, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have painfully watched for the past year and a half as she has struggled with a number of health problems ranging from crest arthritis to repeat lung infections. This morning I visited her in the hospital after she was admitted for heart failure and was very saddened to see what she was experiencing. She struggled to get each and every breath, all the while her breathing machine had to force air down into her lungs so she could get the oxygen needed to continue living. The nurses had to keep lowering the "low-oxygen-alarm" that kept sounding off as her body hit a new low oxygen level, so that it wouldn't keep beeping. I was grateful for having shared the morning with her, but pained to see her struggle with every breath.

My Grandma is an exceptional individual, living life as she knows best. She has the heart of a child, the wisdom of King Solomon and the beauty of a Queen....which in fact is where her name Betty stems from. In my grandma's family tree, there is some version of the name "Elizabeth" amongst every generation, stemming back to Queen Elizabeth's ancestor's as well....a small but meaningful relation to royalty :) She lived a life far from a queen, however, spending the majority of her years in a small and simple house in the low economic part of town. She was content at staying home to raise her 3 children, while her husband spent many hours away, working several jobs to get by. They gave to anyone they knew was in need, sparing little for themselves or for luxuries.

Before her illness, my grandma had enjoyed years of blessings from our Lord in the form of a loving church family, devoted children and grandchildren to spend time with, and enjoyable friends to converse with. She was incredibly shy, but also opinionated, which some people took as offensive. If you knew her heart, though, you would know her intentions were of no harm to others.

My grandma had a wedding of a grandchild to look forward to in June, had Christmas with her family planned for this Saturday evening, and had intentions of seeing our new house with all of the various homemade decorations she had crafted for me over the past few decades. She had several grandchildren not yet married, along with any unborn great-grand kids that will never get to know the exceptional woman she is. She even pre-signed cards for the February birthdays approaching that she will never get to send out....

My heart is aching as I am torn between the love for my grandma, the pain that I know she experiences daily, and the calling home to her from up above. Jesus has walked with her through her pain, and knows that she is calling out to him to bring her home. For all of those involved, it will be a struggle between happiness for her, and sorrow for us.

People from near and far will be coming to bid her farewell over the next few hours, as she slips in and out of sleep with the pain medication she is on. During this time, I ask my readers to be showering all of us with prayers:
  • Prayers for my grandpa as he struggles to comprehend what life will be like without the love of his life;
  • prayers for her children as they say goodbye to the woman who gave them love, compassion and support all of their years;
  • prayers for her grandchildren as they remember fondly the memories of sharing time with her as they grew up;
  • and prayers for her great-grandchildren as they say good-bye to a woman that they loved to give hugs to when they saw her.
I will be taking a break, as I will be dealing with many foreseen family needs coming up. I plan to continue sharing with you my thoughts, feelings and experiences through it all, but will not be posting any informational BLOGS for now.

In His Grip, Whol-E-Herbster

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our oldest daughter Sophie, age 5, found such entertainment in this video clip,that she watched it 6 times straight! After much deliberation on the healthiness of obsessions, we finally pulled the plug on her... and she begged for more! We do not quite know if it was the actual talking produce that peaked the interest, or the creativity in the character costumes (Take a note of Yoda, specifically saved for the finale), or maybe simply the fact she has found something she can identify with! After all, she is unable to eat processed foods and sugar on a regular basis because of how her body reacts to it. These foods cause her upset stomach aches, headaches, loose stools, congestion, skin rashes, crying and sleeplessness through the night and an all over-icky feeling that she is unable to put into words to tell me about it. We had to take notice on what reactions she had after a day with sugar and change her diet in order to see how these things effected her!

There are no cartoons or TV shows out there that encourage her types of eating habits (if you know of any, please forward them in care of Sophie...much appreciated). Organic produce, natural sweeteners, whole grains, raw dairy products, grass fed-meats, etc, don't really have a place on any cartoon network. She knows of all these terms from home, but does not hear it very often in the world God has created for her to live in. She sees mostly chemically-colored, sugar and corn syrup added, highly processed, artificially flavored foods that call out to her, just by their brilliant advertising tactics. Rainbow colored Jello, sweet-smelling cookies, brightly decorated cakes, cartoon character cereal..these are things that she cannot have, and sometimes is sad about. But, what all these advertising agencies learned, is something you can learn as well--I got my first taste of how the advertising process works at Citibank daycare. Whenever it was pizza day, the kids naturally had excitement from within their own little blessed hearts. But, when it was hot dish day, their teachers had to do the psyching for them.

We would talk about it all morning with excitement "BLah-Blah, did you know that the kitchen is putting something delicious in our hot dish this morning? They ordered it special from the store...peas and carrots with extra sauce!" or else a little, "Blah-Blah, I heard that the meal is coming on super-special plates this morning (note to readers: they would be the same as any other day) and that the silverware has super-powers and helps you to eat super-fast!"....the kids caught wind of the buzzing we did before lunch arrived, and sure enough, our room would be the only one ordering 2nds and 3rd from the kitchen that day. It's all a matter of what kids see important from what they learn! The same goes for our family's "treats" of fruit, protein shakes (fills them up and tastes delicious...all the protein they need to stay full, and to develop those bodily tissues without the extra sugar), all natural organic snacks. So, when we go to someone else's house and they have only sugar treats, we've already done the ground work hours before hand, psyching them up for their fruit or whole grain crackers with almond butter.

Other people give her awkward, sympathetic smiles when she declines their suckers or candy at grocery stores and banks. They ALWAYS ask why, of course, because every child is supposed to want sugar in their mouth to keep them happy. The clerk/teller usually assumes the parent is overprotective, and are amazed that there are people out there that cannot tolerate a substance that is only one molecule off from being cocaine! When people hear that she has "health problems" and that she is "different" than everyone else, then they relax and offer her a sticker, with confidence that she is not the "norm". People tend to panic when they think there is a possibility that someone's health situation might be a slight reflection of theirs as well .... I was one of them! The first time I heard the words "cut out sugar and processed foods" at a natural health appointment, my mind immediately went to red alert and defense mode.

Yes, it IS easier to give kids what they want, and to give them what they see others eating and enjoying. But, if you want to make a change in eating habits and health--help them to change over gradually. Limit the amount of sugar to one item a day...they'll enjoy many more years of health that they can pass on to next generations. Keep in mind, I grew up with jars of snacks and candies on my kitchen counter tops, and now we have absolutely no sugar or corn syrup (anything non-organic can have it in it and not have to be labeled as such if they keep it under 3%) in our house. Our family only enjoys the food GOD created in the beginning, when people hadn't yet tampered with it....and WE DO ENJOY IT!

I said I would open my cupboards to you this month, and here is what I have in it for children. These items will PROMOTE HEALTH in your child and do not include hydrogenated fats/oils, preservatives, corn syrup, chemical coloring, or any other additive that has been secretly added to them. As you cut sugar out, you will begin to see less fussiness during days and nights in your child because of blood sugar levels not skyrocketing and crashing like straight sugar and corn syrup cause! I put most items inas links, so you could view the specific products, but all of these should be found at Hy-Vee Health Markets or any other nutrition market like Trader Joe's for a lot less money! Buying these items in bulk are the BEST way to save on money....more info on that further down!

  • ALMOND BUTTER (almonds are more nutritious than peanuts, with no hydrogenated oils) with fruits, crackers and sandwiches or with carrots
  • BOB'S RED MILL Buckwheat Pancake Mix...full of magnesium which can also help to gently loosen stools if they are ever hard. First try Organic 7 Grain Pancake Mix, and gradually change over to buckwheat for better health. We use ALMOND BUTTER with them, or REAL Organic Maple Syrup mixed with Organic Blackstrap Molasses (full of iron and other essential nutrients), but first start by changing over to REAL Organic Maple Syrup and work up to adding Molasses.
  • Ezekiel 4:9 bread and cereal (The Bible verse tells we are commanded to make bread from theses ingredients for good health)
  • WHOLE OATS for oatmeal
  • TLC Cereal Bars
  • Fruitabu (fruit, so all sugars are found naturally from fruit)
  • BARE NAKED GRANOLAS (no preservatives, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils)
  • A healthier ice cream with cream instead of corn syrup is EDY'S Vanilla ICE CREAM or BREYER's
  • Semolina Durahm or whole wheat pasta, "ANNIE'S Macaroni & Cheese" -no artificial cheese added
  • If your child seems to be hungry a lot and wants to snack often...we found a fabulous PROTEIN SHAKE MIX, high in protein, low in calories and carbs--we actually use this in replace of ice cream shakes now...our kids beg for it and it has tremendous health benifits! If you're not serving organic meat at least 2 times a day, supplement with this, so your growing child gets the protein needed to properly develop bodily tissues and organs and maintain good muscle tone. (It's $35 for a 2 lb. canister, which should last for at least a month or two--you pay a little more than at stores to have it made without fructose or sugar added like most commercial mixes. Right now, buy one get 1/2 off second canister--please mention "Hayley DeWitt" as a referral so thay can keep track of their new customers)
  • WHOLE MILK, PLAIN ORGANIC YOUGURT(low fat is actually hard on your body....God created milk with fat in it for the reason that your body actually needs the milk fat to break down and utilize the protein and calcium in it properly. Also, putting fruit in it while it sits on store shelves destroys the beneficial bacteria in it...add your own when you serve it.) If your child does not like it...try adding small amounts of REAL Organic Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar to it to sweeten it, and gradually add less and less so that they learn to like it without a sweetner
  • Use COLD-PRESSED OLIVE OILand ORGANIC BUTTER for baking and sauteeing--Margerine in the "natural" world has been know to aid in brain anurisms, and heat treated oils are unnatural and will cause disruptions to digestive systems and bodily tissues over time.
  • NATURAL SWEETENERS you can use in replace of baking with sugar... Agave Nectar (low glycemic index.....does not effect blood sugar levels), REAL Organic Maple Syrup , RAW HONEY, Organic Blackstrap Molasses . These items you will want to order in bulk to save money, Country Life is the natural CO-OP for SouthEast South Dakota...I order a lot of my natural food in bulk to save money. Contact me @ for ordering information, the catalog link is on the side for viewing)
  • Naturally Sea-Salted chips are actually better for your child than items with sugar because of the molecular make-up of sugar and how highly processed it is. (Believe it or not!) Our family occasionally enjoys Lays Natural Potato chips with Hummus Dip, Tostitos Natural Corn chips with Salsa or Hummus Dip and Cheetos Naturals (no imitation cheese additives)
  • Dark Chocolate is benificial occasionally for congestion and is better than milk chocolate with all the sugar. Our girls love a piece of it to suck on occasionally.

Look back next week for more! In Christ, Whol-E-Herbster

******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent medical practitioner. ******

Sunday, January 11, 2009

For Baby Preston's Prayer Warriors!

I received a frowarded e-mail from Becky, the daycare provider for Preston. Her husband and toddler daughter are coping with this, along with Preston's family. Here's what she wrote:

"Okay here's some new things you can share with people praying around the country. Preston was 3 months old to the day. He has two older siblings that went to a day care and preschool in another town. Preston was a very good baby and is dearly missed by many many people. The prayer service held tonight had no more sitting space even after additional chairs were added. I was able to let my emotions run and have add a better time dealing with this now. I actually slept last night in a more fitful sleep however my daughter was awake more often and interrupted my sleep. Since she was sleeping when I found Preston it doesn't seem to be causing her any issues. However I don't know what she dreams about or what she's thinking since he is no longer here.

Tonight we went to the visitation and prayer service. It was very crowded. Both (Preston's) mom and dad were glad to see that I was able to make it. I've had contact with dad since Wednesday but haven't seen mom since Wednesday night at the hospital. She is still having a hard time with losing her boy but has been able to tell me that she doesn't belive that there was anything else that could have been done for him. She told me tonight that I took good care of Preston and gave it my all in trying to help resuscitate him. For this I'm so very thankful. The funeral home did a good job of making Preston look good and natural.

From what I know the family won't hear anything from the autopsy for at least another 7 days so at this point it is still believed to have been SIDS. If you would pass along the request to have all of the prayer warriors send their e-mails this way ( ), the family would like to have me forward them on. Prayers can be more specific in that:

Mom "N" will need to go back to work as a massage therapist in her own office and needs to feel comfortable leaving her other kids in day care. She also needs the comfort of GOD's arms to remind her that Preston is in heaven and being taken care of so she can let go of her grief and sadness to rejoice that Preston will not have to grow up in this cruel world.

Dad "M" will need prayers to help him keep his mind focused on work as he owns a construction business and has turned over main control to a worker for the last week. He will also need the security of leaving the children with someone else.

The kids have been doing well in handling this but Preston's sister is old enough to really understand the fact that death will keep Preston from coming back. So I believe it would be best to Pray that "A" will find comfort in knowing that she will someday see her little brother in heaven and also to be willing to help mom and dad with her younger brother "J" who doesn't quite know what to think about Preston being gone.I'm not sure if they are born again Christians.

They are willing to read whatever is sent to them in e-mails, just knowing that there are people they don't even know praying for them and the rest of the family.

As for me and my household:

My husband has been supporting me and not wanting to leave me alone unless I'm absolutely sure I want him to. He could use prayers on the wisdom and guidance to help me. He's also gotten a bit more nervous that something will happen to our daughter and worries more often. Pray that GOD will give him a calm and reassurance.

Our daughter really doesn't seem to be bothered with anything so basically pray that she will continue to be a bright spot in our lives and keep making us smile, reminding us of the good on Earth.

I could use prayers in coping with this tragedy and letting my mind place this in my memory so that I can move forward and not hang back. I need prayers to remove the guilt and the terrible "what if's". I also ask for prayers in that I am able to keep a sense of peace and normal in our home so I may continue to watch over other children without continually disturbing their sleep and play with my paranoia.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and the support you show us even if we don't know you. Thank you again and again. Please forward this on to anyone that you know is praying so that they may feel the right words coming to them and can share with us on this end. Remember the family would like to hear from some of the warriors out there keeping us in your minds. Thank you Greatly."

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. I appreciate it. Feel free to send on any e-mails to Preston's daycare provider, Becky, and she will send them on to the family. I prayed at 2pm for the familyas they went to Preston's funeral today, and hope that you did as well. However, if you were unable to, PLEASE pray with me now, as we have more specific prayers to be praying. I will continue to give you updates. Thank you, Whol_E_ Herbster


I found out some more info on the situation with Baby Preston. He was only 3 months old when he left to be with our Lord. This dear baby was the youngest of 3 children, and was an unexpected pregnancy. His parents today are carrying around the guilt from when first discovering their pregnancy with Preston and thought "we don't want this baby and we thought we were done." Their oldest daughter wouldn't even go in the same hospital room when they were all there with Baby Preston.

Preston's family must be experiencing much sorrow, pain and confusion during this time, so I urge you to continue your prayers. Many of us have had times in our lives that we felt away from God. At this time, his family will either be looking for God, or experiencing him , so let's do our part to help God be invited in!

The funeral will be today, Sunday the 11th at 2 pm. Please join me at 2pm to lift this family up with support and love. I will continue passing on information as I receive it.

Love in Christ,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Urgent Prayer Coverage Needed

This post was just thrown together in desperation to be in support of a few people today. One of our dearest friends has a Granddaughter who was a part of something very traumatic yesterday. She provides an in-home daycare and was watching a little baby named Preston. Preston was fussing a little as he went down to take his nap at 2:00, and when she went to wake him up for his 4:00 feeding, she found Preston blue and not breathing.

She went on to perform CPR as she waited for the ambulance to arrive 15 minutes later to take him to the Hospital. She waited all evening to hear how she was doing, and got a call later last night that Preston went home to be with the Lord.

Tears are just streaming down my face as I struggle to imagine myself in each of those situations.....the parents, my friend's granddaughter as the daycare provider, the Hospital attendants, and even the little baby as his fussing was more than just a tummy ache. Who ever knows what a baby is actually feeling, other than the baby and his heavenly maker? I found myself in that situation constantly of trying to figure out if the cry from my baby was one of being tired, hungry, or not feeling well?

Preston leaves behind his parents and two siblings. Please pray for each person involved in this situation continually today, whenever the Lord brings the situation to your mind. As you go along with your daily activities, keep in mind that a few of your siblings in Christ will have to put aside their daily activities to organize a funeral for their baby. My heart aches for these parents, please make it a point to join me in prayer......

With Love,

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hello Readers, Christmas and New Years are done, and it's 2009!!!! With the new year, the name voting poll has come to a close, and I have a new official name-- Holie-Herbster won the poll by a landslide! I have to say, I can't help feeling a bit like an 80's Nintendo character by having "ster" on the end of my name. However, the people have spoken, and so it shall be.

One slight change in the name spelling though:

The voter who originally came up with this name to add to my list (he shall remain nameless for his protection) ended up pronouncing it as "Holly Herbster" instead of "Holy Herbster" as he read it on the BLOG to his wifey. This name mistake prompted me to alter the spelling of it ONCE AGAIN in order to keep the dignity I deserve when hearing my name on the streets amongst my several hundred thousand readers. So it will be spelled "Whol-E-Herbster".

Also, I do not consider myself to be "Holy"--that is why the name was originally altered. With the spelling alteration, it still has the "H" noise at the beginning of it to sound good with Herbster, but it's not going to set me up for ridicule by those knowing that I am in no way holy! But, then again, if you pronounce HERBSTER the way it should be, then it doesn't match the beginning noise anyways since it has a silent "H". I just can't win!

Just make note: I will probably end up changing my name once again before the year 2010, since it just doesn't feel comfortable like an old shoe yet. Only time will tell if grows on me or not. I suppose as I hear my new name being called out to me for autographs when I walk around Sioux Falls, I will either smile, or whince as I hear it. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You Are What You Eat--Part 2

Note to reader: when reading something that is very "off" to what you have traditionally believed in, it is only natural to get defensive and discount information. However, please take to heart this Bible verse: "My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry," James 1:19. Please read this BLOG in its entirety, and know that the writer originally had these thoughts as well. Thank you.

In Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb on pg 24 & 25, it says "Do not be a fool about disease. Find out the truth (2 Tim. 2:15) and then live by it (Jn. 8:32)" and also "The body does not produce disease. All disease has a cause behind it (Prov. 26:2). All disease is caused either by something entering the body which should not be there (toxins, chemicals, germs, smoke), or by vital nutrients being deprived from the body, or by a combination of the two. The cause of degenerative disease is nutritive by nature. (The answer to children who are born sick or diseased is to be found in the state of health of their parents:" "He (the Lord) punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation." Exodus 34:7 )

WOW! HOW POWERFUL IS ALL OF THOSE COMMENTS ARE! Of course, if we all followed this idea, then we would have to be held accountable for our own health--and IT IS EASIER to follow the modern idea that our health is what just HAPPENS to us instead. BUT let's, forget the past and look to the future: you can be the only one to improve the conditions your body is currently in by how you continue to eat!

Now, please do not take any of this out of context, because I am not judging anyone, and I do not say that so-and-so has this health problem because of what they eat...I am a very compassionate person towards people who are suffering! I grew up knowing full well what is was like to be living in an achy, sore and diseased body....ask any one of my school friends how sick I was! I ALSO realize that some people have not connected eating habits to health, while others listen to what many other people in this country say about our health, and still others received diseases from past generations....why condone what I was doing myself only a few years back? After all, only a 3 years ago, I used to make cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning for breakfast, while alternately buy donuts for other days, order pizza at least once a week, make boxed meals the rest of the week, and enjoy snack cakes and cherry coke throughout the week as afternoon snacks. (The phospheric acid, alone in soda drinks decalcifies the body, Tabb, pg 53)

One believer may say, "well, we are not under the dietary laws of the Bible anymore, so why would God disagree with us ingesting 'common food' nowadays?" That is true for salvation purposes, but for sanctification and Service purposes the dietary laws still have a purpose. "The dietary regulations of the scripture are not legally binding on the Christian as concerning salvation. A Bible believing Christian would not think of putting tobacco....into the temple of God (our bodies)....why not? These defile the temple! But is that not the same argument we should use concerning the eating of unclean (foods)?"(pg 97, Tabb) For in the Bible it reads:, "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;" 1 Corinthians 6:19 and when we eat these foods to gratify our desires then our bodies will start to break down at an earlier age than intended.

SO when some people say "God, I will follow you with all my heart and all my soul and keep your commandments," what they may actually mean : "God, we will keep your commandments by praising you, reading the Bible, going to church, and we will ask you to bless our meals, but when it comes to the food itself, all bets are off. I can't give up the foods I've been eating for __ years, much less deal with those cravings I'll get from not eating them! So during my meal time just close Your eyes until I'm done eating the foods You wouldn't agree with." Most people don't even realize that they are asking God to bless the chemicals, preservatives and other additives included in our highly processed food nowadays when they pray for God to bless the food they choose to eat....God would probably not agree with these things we put in our bodies, so why should he bless it? IT IS ONLY NATURAL FOR PEOPLE TO OVERLOOK THESE ADDITIVES OR THEIR EFFECTS ON THE BODY, though, since 150 YEARS AGO FOOD DID NOT INCLUDE THESE ADDITIVES! The additives have been slowly added over the past century without our concent, and without long-term studies on their possible effects! But we know they are in there, and our bodies will hold us accountable for what we put inside them on a daily basis.

It is surely a choice given to us, and it may seem impossible with the lifestyles we are currently living in. However, we can take comfort in knowing that everyone first started out as we are .... with our ancestor's genes, in a world full of foods that harm us rather then heal and prolong our lives. The good foods are out there, you just have to search for them! But keep in mind, it is not the meal itself that will cause long-range health issues, but the regular diet of eating them back-to-back that will take off years of your "intended length" of life God gave you! So, making a slow transition, while eating these things occasionally will not harm us, if we start doing it in moderation instead of on a daily basis.

Yes, it was quite a lifestyle change to how I eat now, but I now feel better than I ever have, while also being able to fulfill my purpose in life better and for a longer time! I'm not saying that I won't die of cancer, heart disease or another problem, but I am doing my part to considerably lower my chances of these things happening to me. Do your part and your maker will smile at you for your efforts!

The book Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb has over 900 scripture references in it and is a study of God's methods of preventing and curing all degenerative disease. I absolutely LOVE my copy of the book, and would encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself as well by clicking on the book title link. For only $7, it's such a valuable resource to have on hand!

In Christ, The Whol-E-Herbster

******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent medical practitioner. ******

Thursday, January 1, 2009

You Are What You Eat--Part 1


I found the above trailer at: It has valuable information in helping us to understand how our bodies are designed, along with the effects of the foods we put into it. Keep in mind, we all have to start in the same place...with our ancestor's genes, in a world full of processed foods.

In the BIBLE, it reads: "In all your ways(including diet!!!) acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones." Proverbs 3:6, 8. In the book Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb , he writes "It is the will of God that his servants remain in perfect health until the day they die, serving him to the fullest." (pg 26)

But, he also writes, "It is not in God's revealed will to keep anyone physically well nor mentally alert without that person eating proper food designed by God for human consumption." (pg 53) In relation to this: In the BIBLE, it reads, "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children." Hosea 4:6

So, by discovering knowledge about the kinds of foods that God mentions in the Bible to eat, and following his suggestions, we should pro-long our lives and bring health to our bodies? It only makes sense to do this since we follow all of His other commandments! What types of food does God mention in the BIBLE to eat, then? Here is what I could find:

"Then God said, 'I give you EVERY SEED-BEARING PLANT on the face of the whole earth and EVERY TREE THAT HAS FRUIT WITH SEED IN IT. They will be yours for food.'" Genesis 1:29

"You may EAT ANY ANIMAL THAT HAS A SPLIT HOOF DIVIDED IN TWO and that chews the cud. Of all the creatures living in the water, you may eat ANY THAT HAS FINS AND SCALES. You may eat ANY CLEAN BIRD." Deuteronomy 14: 6, 9, 11

"Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself." Ezekiel 4:9 (EZEKIEL 4:9 is a brand of bread and cereal available in Health Food stores that our family buys. Its creation is based on this verse and made of whole grains, so it's very nutritious.)

Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb, pg 27, he writes, "Moses ate HONEY, OIL, COW BUTTER, MILK OF SHEEP, LAMBS, RAMS and GOATS, SHEEP, and GRAPE JUICE(Deut. 32:13-14).... He ate plenty of QUAIL (Ex. 16:13)"...and in future tense, refers to "the increase of the fields", or PRODUCE. At 120, Moses still had the strength and eyesight of his youth" pg 26.

So, what is the biggest difference between present day Christians, many sickly at ages 40, 50, 60, etc, and Moses? Our diet and the diets of our parents and grandparents--what we eat, and in the forms we eat it. From all of the above verses, one can understand how to get many of the nutrients our bodies need: by eating FRUIT, DAIRY, VEGETABLES, most MEATS, and WHOLE GRAINS in their MOST NATURAL STATES-- the foods that God intended us to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, God does not mention and Moses did not ingest things like: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, growth hormones and immunizations in beef and dairy, soda-pop, preservatives, enriched flour, vegetables and fruits that are genetically altered, pesticides, herbicides, chemical dyes or MSG. So, when we put all these extra "yummies" into our body, we open ourselves up for possible disease and health ailments. Our family occasionally struggles with avoiding these foods, as well, but it makes it easier when you cook more at home, look for better-quality restaurants to occasionally eat at, and buy organic foods, since these types of foods are required by law to be in their most-natural states. It does get tight on the budget, but look at it as an investment in your future, and your child's (or future child's) days to come.

In my next BLOG, we will take a closer look at degenerative disease and what the Bible says about it. Please check back!

The book
Be Healthy and Happy by Dr. M.H.Tabb (click on words to see book to buy) has over 900 scripture references in it and is a study of God's methods of preventing and curing all degenerative disease. I absolutely LOVE my copy of the book, and would encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself as well by clicking on the book title link. For only $7, it's such a thought-provoking resource to have on hand!

In Christ, Ms. Salubrious

******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent medical practitioner. ******