Monday, August 24, 2009

What Musical Vibration Do You Display?


Romans 8:9You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.

Physics teaches us that everything has an individualized electrical/magnetic vibrational output. While, it is not USUALLY discovered or displayed in the manner of the above video, nevertheless vibrational outputs are very real. Vitamins, minerals, meats, water, even parts of the human body contain an energy field that can naturally attract it to any of these listed items. A wonderful example of this would be in Adelle Davis's book, "Let's Have Healthy Children", in which a study was conducted by Dr. Clara M. Davis with 6 month old orphan children, who had never had solid foods before, and were offered wholesome, God-designed foods in their natural states (meats; hard boiled eggs; salt, grains in an individualized, original state; cod-liver oil; raw milk; vegetables, etc) and were given complete free rein over their choices. Over the course of the experiment, not one single child developed an allergy, infection or illness. "A child whose bone structure was poor drank cod liver oil on his own free will 113 times, or until his bones were considered normal. The salt would sometimes not be touched for days and then eaten by the handful, even though the children grimaced as they ate it. One baby who was (found to be before the experiment) allergic to egg white, carefully separated yolks from whites, ate the yolks, and tossed the whites on the floor" (pg 219) Before bad eating habits set in, children have a natural attraction God has given to the for a means of survival--call it what you will, but all foods also have a specific energy vibration as well.

While supporters of the new age movement have taken this information and twisted it into the the idea that energy IS GOD....we, as Christians hold strong to our belief that energy is MADE BY GOD. Energy is a BLESSING for us to use in learning, teaching and even TREATING health problems through natural methods, 2 examples are: muscle testing (Dr. Mercola's Link, Health Quarters Ministries Link), and Homeopathic remedies (My BLOG LINK on REMEDIES) While there may be some people who practice holistic health care that abide by the new age movement, this can and is found in ANY field of medicine, including conventional. These health care providers can be made distinguished from Christian natural health care practitioners through their practices of taping into energy sources and using such words as "universal energy"& "forces" to reach altered states of consciousness and "godhood".

Wayne Cook and Dr. William Tiller proved that the human body has energy flowing in and around it(thus, the reason that electro-shock therapy, Defibrillators, and lie-detector tests work). Every energy has either a positive current (energy flowing clockwise), negative current (counter clockwise current), a neutral current (flowing vertically) or an oscillating energy that was found in rodents, swines, poisons, diseased tissues (VACCINES contain diseased tissues). He went on to discover that ALL THE UNCLEAN ANIMALS LISTED IN DEUTERONOMY Chapter 14 of the Bible had oscillating energy in them. He found in his study that eating any of these unclean animals (swine) caused problematic vibrations in the human body, and made a positive living environment for parasites and cancer. Along with this, he ALSO discovered that healthy foods have certain vibrations that match certain organs of our body....thus "feeding" the organs with nutrients meant by God to specifically feed! A few examples are: saturated fat and the Brain, black walnuts and the blood.

Knowing that foods, people, medications, chemicals and nature all have energy vibrations that God has given to us.....we can understand a little better why we might be attracted to certain nutrients & people, along with understanding why certain foods and chemicals may cause us harmful effects that we want to avoid. As a Christian, we put out "music", that others can pick up on through body language, talk and life style choices. When we live for Christ, we have a desire for the music that goes in to be equally Holy to our Lord as the music that comes out on display. The next time you think about putting something in your body, or letting something be sure it is of significance to your Christian walk!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nourishing the Health that God Gave to You

Here's our family's health mission in a nut shell: Eat food close to it's original state that God designed it in, so that the body will function in a closer state to the way God intended for us to function in.

What are some of the deviations in food consumption that do not reflect this mission? Eating "ANTI-NUTRIENTS", which are substances that when consumed increase the body's need for more nutrients. These substances take so much extra energy for the digestive tract to process and eliminate, that the body is left with more nutrients burned up than are taken in. They also increase the appetite because the body is not getting the nutrients it needs. According to Dr. Lendon Smith, author of Feed Your Kids Right, the elimination of anti-nutrients in the diet will help the body improve in overall health and immune response. Examples of ANTI-NUTRIENTS:

  • Sugar/corn syrup -- more info: MY SUGAR BLOG POSTING
  • Chemical preservatives -- almost everything on the shelf at a grocery store not labeled "Organic" contains various forms of these.
  • Synthetic vitamins & minerals -- cheaper for processing, body can't recognize them as nutrients
  • Enriched flour products -- nutrients taken out & replaced w/synthetic ones
  • Low-fat dairy -- body needs fat to break down/utilize proteins
  • Pasteurized/Homogenized Dairy -- PLEASE READ DR. MERCOLA's ARTICLE on processed dairy, entitled: Why You Don't Want to Drink Pasteurized Milk
  • Processed meats -- most contain nitrites/nitrates toxic substances that can lead to Methemoglobinemia and have been banned in most European countries
  • Yeast -- promotes yeast overgrowths, which lead to NUMEROUS health problems: it's all in the book, The Yeast Connection. This book is mind-blowing!
  • Chemical food dyes -- more info: MY CHEMICAL COLORING BLOG POSTING

Let me go into specific details of products that fall into this category:

  • Most commercial cereals, escept whole grains & cheerios (safe to stick with cereals under 10 grams of NATURAL derived sugar)
  • ALL breads except for sprouted/ezekiel breads, whole grain flatbreads & tortillas
  • All pastries, cakes, unless made with whole grain flour & natural sweeteners
  • All fruit snacks, candy, kool-aid, soda pops, juices (unless fresh squeezed juices)
  • ANY sandwich meat not labeled as being without antibiotics & preservatives
  • Any dairy not labeled as WHOLE MILK
  • Enriched/Pasta and white rice (basmatti, brown, wild rice & whole grain pastas ok)

It's best to stick with eating foods that promote good health and high functioning immune systems:

  • Fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible, eating only clean meats, properly cooked (Leviticus chapter 11 for more information)

  • Whole grains, but limit even their presence in the diet
  • Clean/natural meat- meats grown naturally without antibiotics, hormones (that go to your body!!) and that are grass/vegetable fed (cows/chickens corn-fed to get "fattened" do the same to your body--fatten you! Cows/chickens fed grass and vegetables provide your body with those minerals included!!)

  • Natural Salt (The body uses salt to make the enzymes that digest invading microbes and parasites, as well as food. The only time salt has ever been found to be detrimental is when you have failing kidneys or are missing a kidney) REDMOND from Nature's Sunshine has naturally occuring minerals in their natural Sea Salt.

  • Lots of pure water (Your body needs water to make the mucus that surrounds and suffocates invading microbes, it keeps your lungs hydrated (protected), and is necessary to carry nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells to every area of the body) While tap water is clean, it is also FULL of chemicalsto get it that way! Using a reverse Osmosis unit in your house, or drinking bottled water is ideal.
  • RAW and WHOLE MILK Organic DAIRY the fats your body DOES need, should be taken with their origins--in dairy and meats. Your body NEEDS fats to break down and utilize proteins, and your body needs protein to stay healthy! Take your fats naturally in foods, and avoid them in chips, pastries andfast'll be MUCH better off!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spirulina: Quick Immune Super-Builder

Suzy Cohen is a pharmacist who knows that medications have their place, but she prefers to avoid the automatic rubber stamping of drug treatments. She also writes "Dear Pharmacist," a nationally syndicated column which also appears on the Healthier Talk website.

In a recent column, a reader inquired about a so-called "superfood."T.E. Chicago, Illinois: You mentioned "spirulina" in a recent column as a supplement to help boost thyroid hormone. I've never heard of this, is it a vitamin? What else is it good for?"

Suzy Cohen: "Spirulina is supercool, and it's a superfood. It's actually algae that grows in our oceans, springs and lakes. If you viewed it with a microscope you would see beautiful bright blue-green spirals, for which it is named. Spirulina is a single-cell organism that is capable of turning sunlight into energy, and it has been on earth for eons.

"Spirulina is a superfood because it has tons of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It's food, people of many cultures actually eat a version of it. Spirulina is a great source of vegetable protein and what makes it even more amazing is the detoxifying chlorophyll (the green pigment in plants).

"Chlorophyll eliminates body odor and cleans out the digestive tract. Because spirulina packs this kind of a punch, I think it is a good supplement for everyone, especially those of you who do not eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Spirulina could be of benefit to you if you have:

Chronic fatigue or anemia
Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's or Graves' disease
Vision loss
Frequent infections
Pollen, hayfever, and/or mold allergies
Heart problems
Neuropathis pain or heavy metal burdens
Type 2 diabetes

You can read Suzy's detailed comments on how spirulina offers benefits for each of these conditions in her article "Spirulina is a Supercool Superfood" on the Healthier Talk website.

I have found 2 wonderful resources of authentic, fully potency Spirulina that our family uses and switches between: EarthRise Spirulina Natural and Natures Sunshine Spirulina .
  • Earthrise are chewables that our daughters pop in like candy, several times a day.
  • Nature's Sunshine brand are capsules for easy swallowing.

Spirulina does occasionally detox the system too quickly when first starting, so I would start out with adults: 1/day with a meal, Children 1/2 tablet a day. Adults can EVENTUALLY build up to 3 capsules a day, and children 3-5 tablets a day.

This is a WONDERFUL all-purpose vitamin for children, otherwise I would reccomend this one as well as a safe and effective, daily vitamin for children: Natures Sunshine Elderberry Plus Herbasaurs.

******None of the above statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of the information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. This BLOG should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******