Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quotes from "He's Not Autistic, But..." by Tenna Merchent


"It's also frightening to write about something so unconventional. Many people accept stories of healing in the Bible; nevertheless, most do not believe it can happen today. Healing DOES take place today. God still works miracles. I know, because I've lived them." pg 6

"I became extremely open-minded and would have done almost anything that was moral to find a cure for my son." pg 6

"I knew Clay was very sick, it wasn't just back to back colds-but the pediatrician didn't believe me." pg 3

"Healthy people have a balance of both yeast and good bacteria in their digestive system. The predominant thinking is when a person takes antibiotics, they kill the good bacteria in the digestive tract along with the bad bacteria they are intended to kill. This makes the digestive tract susceptible to a yeast overgrowth. Yeast needs SUGAR (corn syrup is sugar as well!) to GROW and SURVIVE." pg 13

"Aluminum kills bacteria. That's why it's so widely used as a preservative (in foods and medications). When you have aluminum in your system, it kills the beneficial bacteria, allowing a yeast overgrowth. Antibiotics are loaded with aluminum, plus they kill the beneficial bacteria in your system." pg 14

"Aluminum...causes infertility as well. It settles in the solar plexus and causes the organs, including the uterus to drop." pg 19

"Clay was ill most of the time. If he came anywhere near anyone with a respiratory infection, Clay would get it and the next two weeks would be horrible." pg 15

"One of my red flags is the thought, 'I should just get this over with.' That was how I felt about the (immunization) shots and would feel later about other medical interventions. The bottom line for me has been when I ignore them , I regret it. So now, I practice listening to them and pray for relief from my ego, which wants to run the show at my expense." pg 51

"In the world of alternative health care, there are treatments available for toxemia, but i didn't know this at the time (of 1st pregnancy with toxemia). Alternative doctors believe toxemia is simply a magnesium imbalance. When I told my OB this during my second pregnancy, she agreed toxemia is a magnesium imbalance. So why on earth didn't she put me on magnesium during my last pregnancy, when I had toxemia?" pg 20

"Allergy symptoms can be anything that didn't exist before the allergen was introduced, including behaviors like head-banging, foul moods, insomnia, and spinning in circles, to name just a few. Most people think of allergies as mucous and hives, and while they can certainly be an element of allergies, they are by no means the only ones." pg 43

"In the beginning, I didn't tell people about Clay's recovery because it is so far out." pg 94 (How sad not to be able to share a miraculous story of healing because of how skeptical our society can be towards it? Again, we share the same story on this, not many people know or want to know our healing story with our daughters!)

"I thought the Master Herbalist had some magical power. In some respects he does, because he has the power of GOD BEHIND HIM. He would be the first one to tell you that he doesn't do the healing, Jesus does. Anyone can become sensitive to these energies..." pg 96

"My recommendation is, don't go (to an Herbalist) as a patient, but as an apprentice. Put your faith in GOD, and you can (learn to) be a tool for HIS healing." pg 125

"He (the Master Herbalist) already has more business than he needs or even wants. He is a family man who has deep faith in God. He has spent a tremendous amount of time studying herbs and prayer, and now he has students like me taking his work out into the world" pg. 121

"My lack of faith interfered with my ability to help myself and others. (thinking) I am too great or too small for one of God's assignments, which of course, is not true. We are all totally capable of being one of God's tools. His loving power will do great things--things we could never do on our own, like healing." pg 97

"I have been told that my son was sick for my benefit. If it had not been for him, I would have continued my unhealthy lifestyle and never been cured of myself. " pg 98

"....when aspartame (in Diet soda) reaches body temperature, it turns into formaldehyde. What I didn't know about aspartame was that I was highly addicted to it. I really struggled with the decision to give it up. I loved my diet sodas and looked forward to them. I had done the Weight Watchers diet in the past and believed it was a healthy and balanced diet. (Weight Watchers) allows aspartame.... I experienced withdrawal for at least 2 months...the withdrawal I experienced and the mourning I went through over having to give it up just confirmed to me how deeply addicted I was." pg 57, 58, 59

"After getting a clean bill of health on an energy level for my fertility I saw my fertility doctor. He didn't think there was much chance I would become pregnant, nevertheless, he was willing to cooperate with my request. The test was PERFECTLY NORMAL! I became PREGNANT, with NO HORMONES, NO SHOTS, and NO INVITRO FERTILIZATION. I was finally FERTILE at age 43! (my first pregnancy) I had taken so many drugs, months and months of hormone shots. I had numerous blood tests, ultrasounds and repeated disappointments when my cycle started each month. This time I was free to enjoy my pregnancy without the tether of fertility treatment." pg 114

" It seems that everyone I meet is sick or has a sick family member. Crohn's, Cancer, Lupus, and Alzheimer's are all curable, yet many do not want to do what is necessary to heal and recover" pg 4

I'm hoping that if this has peaked an interest, that you might chose to read this overwhelming, inspiring story for yourself! Thanks for reading!!!




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