Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a WAY to Worship!!!!!

We've been hitting it pretty hard on Body Food over the past month, so I thought I'd toss some Soul Food your way! This video just has a way of drawing you in, giving you goosebumps, and staying with you in your thoughts for long after watching it!

I would love to get the church youth Group that we lead to do this, or maybe even start a Bell Choir with them! It seems like all the Direction-Changing movies like: Grid Iron Gang, Sister Act, and Dangerous Minds had a commonl purpose amongst those involved, in order to do something great. Sure, our youth group does Bible lessons, discussions and goofing around, but how cool would it to be to get something meaningful like this going...something that will turn heads and give the youth a passion and interest for their savior?

I plan to start praying for our church youth to find a task or purpose in order to draw them closer together and serve God better. I am not musically gifted, orartistically gifted, but would love to try if I had a direction to go! Please keep your eyes open on any ideas that you find as well.... or if you stumble upon the instructions for how they organized this video!!!


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