Sunday, February 15, 2009

Intro to Homeopathy

Are you looking for a healing substance that has no recorded instances of anyone that has ever been harmed by it? One that addresses the individual needs of a person and doesn't cause unpredicted side effects in the process? How about a healing substance that doesn't need to be taken on a daily basis for the rest of your life, yet can give you relief for the rest of your life? Many traditional medications are taken with the intent to destroy the specific disease organism, leading to weakened immune systems and destroyed beneficial bacteria. But, Homeopathy neither covers up or destroys disease, which is what makes it so safe! Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's reaction to throw off the defender, and actually strengthen the immune system while doing this. The only hard part about it is that you have to do a little research to figure out the exact symptoms of the problem and individualize the treatments!

The answer to how Homeopathy works is "Like is cured by Likes", in reference to the Scientific Law of Similars. It was developed by a German scientist named Dr. Samuel Heinemann in the year 1796. The idea behind his research was to cure the individual patient and his/her CAUSES to their disease, rather than the disease itself. Although most symptoms head down a similar course as one another to a degenerative disease, the CAUSE of the symptoms are what vary from individual to individual, and therefore have to be treated individually. Two people may both be experiencing flu-like symptoms--one may have a virus, and the other food poisoning, but neither of them are certain of the cause, only the symptoms. Either way, a medication suppresses it, which may partially relieve some symptoms, but then takes even longer for the body to heal from it. Homeopathy can help in that you look up the type of specific symptoms you have: acidic indigestion, cramping, nausea, fever, constipation, dirrhea, vomiting, etc, and then you would take a remedy that helps with those same symptoms. For instance, the Ipecac Remedy would be the choice remedy to help stop vomiting!

Homeopathy gently stimulates the body's immune system by giving it a jump-start in energy to defend the invading attacker. The way it does this is by using a small dose of a substance made into a remedy to heal, instead of using the same substances in large quantity which would cause negative effects. It is well-known that Ipecac induces vomiting, but the remedy Ipecac which has been diluted hundreds of times, is a frequently used remedy so stop nausea and vomiting.

The major problem is that most people do not fully understand how homeopathy works, and they get frustrated when they try to blindly use their limited knowledge to heal themselves and it doesn't work right away. When someone truly comprehends how homeopathy works, and has seen it heal someone, they will know that if it DOESN'T work for the intended healing purpose desired, they just didn't find the right one! So, then you just try another one. Yes, this can be costly if you chose to buy remedies individually, because they typically run about $11-$13 a piece. Or, you can purchase 50 in a kit (see below) to save on money in the long run. Either way, the good news about it is that they never expire and you generally use only a few drops at a time, unlike a medication that you may pay up to hundreds of dollars for and throw out after the one use! So, you will build up a collection for convenient use when you need it next.

You can buy remedies in ELEMENTAL FORM, or COMBINATION FORM. ELEMENTAL meaning one like the Ipecac remedy which treats a specific symptom, or an example of a COMBINATION would be one with Ipecac in it, along with a few other elements that will treat a broader range of symptoms. You can buy ELEMENTAL remedies in pellet form (they look like little white balls) or in liquid form. You can buy the COMBINATIONS in liquid form, and on the label it will tell you all the elemental remedies in it.

BELOW: Here are two liquid drop Combination remedies bought for $11/piece at a Natural Health store

BELOW: Here is an example of a Pellet Remedy in ELEMENTAL form. You will notice that there are 50 of them in this kit that I purchased for $100, making each one of these ELEMENTAL REMEDIES roughly $2/piece.....considerably cheaper than the liquid drop Remedies.....but also a large upfront cost. IT GOES ALONG WITH THE BOOK: Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family. You can purchase this Remedy Kit at Washington Homeopathic Products, but BE SURE to purchase the book from the link above at, or else from the kit link HERE: Homeopathic Self-Care. STARTING to use this KIT and BOOK together is the most reasonable and practical way to start learning and using Homeopathy in your home.

When taking a "dose" of a remedy, an adult dose is considered to be 3-5 pellets or 3-5 drops, a child's dose is 1-2 pellets or 1-2 drops. They should both be placed under the tongue and allowed to set or be absorbed for a least 10-15 seconds. This way, the remedy will be absorbed directly into the blood stream for quick and effective use. After 10 seconds, they can be chewed, spit out, or swallowed.

You will need to avoid essential oils, food and drink (even water) for 10 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Tooth paste, mouthwash and mints, coffee and tea should be avoided for at least 45 minutes before and after a remedy is taken. These things take away the effectiveness of remedies because they are so fragile in composition.

When storing a remedy, be sure to not have it anywhere near anything electrical, or containing aromatic fragrances, which can both ruin the remedy and limit its effectiveness.

I will give you some good COMBINATION REMEDIES to keep on hand in my next BLOG, but for now here are the basics......ENJOY!


******The information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. It should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm excited to find yours. My husband and I use this same homeopathy book to treat ourselves and our children. I'm looking into some others more specific to childhood illnesses as we are not vaccinating anymore. Do you have any recommendations? Do you also consult with a professional homeopath?

    Also, I would love to hear your daughter's story! God bless!

  2. So glad you asked, Catherine! Nosodes are the natural version of immunizations...completely safe and benificial!! They not only work for coverage, but can also undue harm done by vaccinations. Here's a GREAT website for explanation:

    YES! we consult with a Professional Homeopath--she has even reversed our middle daughter's Diabetes completely. A very knowledgable and gifted lady when it comes to knowing what environmental toxins and foods cause what body organ systems what problems. Here's her website for more info:

  3. Hello! I have following an homeopathy treatment, 5 pellets each two hours. But I have a question. I have eliminated sugar from my diet. And now that I have been taking these pellets, I have been feeling "sugar cravings" again. Is it related? Shall I stop the treatment??? I asked for pellets because they are more managable but I don´t know if I must ask for drops. Thanks a lot!!!!

    1. I'd just try a tbl of blackstrap molasses each evening. It's full if minerals, takes away sugar cravings, and actually recombinesconna chemical level with white sugar stored in the body as fat, to detox it :) good luck to you!