Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cell Phone EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)

AWARENESS is the key point I hope to drive across to my readers today.

The original dinosaur version of cell phones (that looked like big clunky Walkie-talkies) used to be operated by mostly business owners and entrepreneurs. Then, people started to take them with as they traveled, keeping them mostly off unless calling someone for help. More recently, cell phones came into the common market scene with slick new colorful pocket sized designs, being used by most everyone from children to grandpas and grandmas. We are now to the point that people are replacing their land lines, computers, cameras and video cameras since their phones have Internet and e-mail capabilities. Some parents are regularly sending their children off to school with cell phones in their pockets, because they make a great communication device for safety and tracking purposes.

"There are over 264 million wireless subscribers, who rely on 2 million cell phone towers in the United Sates of America to relay their 2.1 trillion cell phone minutes annually! The new approaching WiMax networking system can blanket a 30 mile radius of coverage for broadband access, compared to WiFi's 300 foot range. With WiMax, a single cell phone tower will provide coverage to a 3,000 square mile radius, leaving virtually no spot in America untouched with cell phone reception and Elector-Magnetic frequencies!" It was believed that cell phones did not have enough power to heat tissue,so the government didn't mandate investigation into potential health problems. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4, page 54) Since so many people are on Cell Phones now days, it is good to be aware of some possible effects of cell phone use:

It may not practical to revert back to pre-cell phone days, so what is a good way to protect yourself and your family? There is a company called BIO-PRO TECHNOLOGIES, that has made it their mission to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body. BIOPRO Technology has quickly emerged to assume an international leadership position in the fields of progressive Wellness and Green Technologies. What started as one “BioEnergetic” product to deal with the health hazards associated with Cell Phone usage, soon expanded into a line of Wellness and GreenTech products.

Bio-Pro's MRET-Shield Polymer Cell Phone Chips work by neutralizing harmful effects of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation (EMF's and EMR's). They call it MRET or Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, and it was developed by a Russian nuclear physicist over a period of 2 decades, since cell phones have been around for 25 years. The polymer composition works by being stimulated by Electro-Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation, which in turn, emits a low frequency that neutralizes the negative frequencies. With using ERT, or Energy Resonance Technology, its subtle energy output also measurably strengthens the the body's own ability to withstand the stressors of ElectroMagnetic Radiation. It works effectively on cell phones, Blue Tooth and PDA's. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4,Page56)

My husband and I have had our cell chips for 2 years now, and have noticed a number of interesting things:

  • Since my husband is out in a truck driving by himself most days, he spends most of this time on the phone with people. His first cell phone we tried covering with the cell chip, gave him intense headaches everyday. So, we ordered the chip, thinking it would relieve him of these. We were surprised and dis-heartened to find that it didn't! So we called Bio Pro to ask if something was wrong with the chip, and they told us that there are not supposed to be any side-effects once the chip was on. So, then we assumed that it must be the phone, and took it back. It turned out the phone was shorting out, and had a rather large out-put of radiation as a result. He still got occasional mild headaches from his new phone, but once we got that Cell Chip on, he had complete relief! The point is, that we tend to discount when our bodies are trying to tell us something, writing it off as coincidence or a problem that will go away. But when you body doesn't show signs anymore, it usually gives up by pushing the problem into deeper bodily tissues, causing deeper problems like cancer and leukemia to eventually develop. Research shows that brain cancer usually takes 15-20 years to develop, but cell phone use has been linked to cancers that are showing up after only 10 years of use. (Total Health, Volume 30, Number 4, page 55) We had to take the initiative to research the cause of my husband's headaches, and he ended up getting complete relief once he got his cell chip on!
  • I always thought it was coincidence that every time I got on my phone, my kids would start fighting, acting up, arguing and crying for one reason or another. I would get so upset at the idea that they would do this to me! I never considered there would be a connection between the timing of their fussiness, and that of my phone calls. With my cell chip on now, I can confidently deal with any problems that arise, having no doubt in my head that their little bodies are not being effected by something I'm doing to them! I admit, there is not a complete turn around, but I can honestly say that I see more patience in them and less frustrations while waiting for my phone conversations to be completed!
  • We were in the Chicago airport on the way to my cousin's wedding, when we ran into a guy who noticed my husband's cell phone chip. Turns out, his wife has him using the same Bio Pro Cell Phone Chip as us, since he travels and is on his phone quite a bit. She told him she wanted him to cut down his chances of developing brain cancer and told him he can't use his phone without it! Wow, that made us feel good that the word is getting out and people are taking the initiative to protect themselves!
I found the following information on the website Cell-phone health.com:

This thermography test was conducted by Dr.Fickes at Fickes Holistic Care Corp, Honolulu, Hawaii. The ability to detect and measure the thermal energy emitted from any object is known as thermography. The instruments used to measure the thermal energy are infrared cameras, and these cameras convert the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images that can be translated into a photograph. The images of the forty-five year-old woman that follow were captured in January 2007 by Dr. Fickes. In viewing a Thermography test, one can see the BIO-PRO's MRET-Shield Technology at work in the last picture, compared with the middle picture, where the woman was exposed to a cell phone without the chip.

Pictured below: Control- Subject not exposed to cell phone radiation

Pictured below: Subject was talking on an unprotected cell phone for 15 minutes. It can be seen that there is an increase in temperature in all areas of the face. ONE MUST BE AWARE THAT THERMAL EFFECTS ARE ONLY ONE ASPECT OF RADIATION DAMAGE! There are more.

Pictured below: Subject used a cell phone with the Bio-Pro cell chip for 15 minutes. There has been a reduction of heat in all areas of the sinuses, face and peripheral areas, when compared to the previous image (talking on an unprotected phone) .

There are a number of different tests to prove the validity of these Cell Phone Chips, along with several news broadcasts warnings of the dangers of Cell phones that I will be posting at later times, if you are not fully decided on this issue yet. HOWEVER, after you read this BLOG, please ask God to open your heart and eyes to show you if you are being harmed by any of these things. Like I said, my point is not to make you feel bad, but instead, to educate you on things I have found to be harmful to our bodies. My husband and I love having the comfort in knowing we are protected from any effects that Cell Phones have, and hope that you might consider any loved ones you know that may benefit from having one as well. It not only stops the cell Phone user from being effected by the harmful radiation, but others near them as well! The retail cost of one of these is $34.95, feel free to browse around the website (click on words) http://www.mybiopro.com/Products.aspx?ID=HayleyD and put in an order if you desire. Please pray about this topic and consider how much cell phone use you may be putting yourself at risk with, when there is something that gives you effective and safe coverage!



  1. We are the ONLY family that I know who does not and has Never owned a cell phone! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Great to meet you and to learn something along the way! I'll be back!


  3. EARTH MAMA, Yes, I do believe you are the only family I've heard of without one :) ...I wish I could be so dedicated! Once you start, it's hard to stop...the cell chip is the best thing I can do after having had one! Nourishing Traditions is absolutely fantastic...my highest recommendations as well!!!

  4. Thanks so much for providing such much needed info. Good job, very well researched!
    We do not have a cell phone, but apparently, just a plain cordless phone emits the same (to a lesser degree EMF radiation)

  5. Thanks for stopping Lisa...good for you for not having to deal with cell phone EMF's! We had to get rid of our cordless and go to a land line because it was interrupting our daughter's good sleep through the night! Hope to see you again soon :)

  6. First of all, thank you for posting this. So many details and so much information.
    I am almost shocked. When I finished reading, I started researching for radiation protection Systems. I only found something about some biopro chip.
    I think I am going to try it.

  7. Thanks for reading Zarah! Within the article are links to Bio Pro, too (click on pink words). It IS very important to keep ourselves safe...we all know that just because we don't visably see something, doesn't men it's not there. Thank you for showing interestin natural health. Take care!