Friday, January 23, 2009

Grandma Has Left Us

Thursday, January 22nd started out as any other typical morning on my calendar..... breakfast, our morning routine of getting dressed, a bit of school with the girls, and then heading off to run errands. However, as I went through my day, I kept thinking about going to see my relatives in my grandma's hospital room later that night.

We were just finishing our list of errands at the Brandon Library, where I was enjoying a puppet show being put on by my oldest two ..... Cookie monster, a giraffe, Ernie and a puppy singing "Old MacDonald had a Farm." After the closing of the show and applaud, I headed off to change Sierra's diaper down the hall. As I was doing this, I heard faint knock on the door....Sophie peers in and in a hurried voice says, "Mama, Grandma's on the phone crying, and wants to talk with you." My heart did a slight jump, as I got handed the phone from Sophie. My mom explained that at noon she was alone with grandma, holding her hand and noticed her chest not raising and lowering anymore, so called for the nurse. "Grandma left us." she said.

I frantically gathered the girls, headed to meet my husband at home and was off to the hospital. As I drove, a few thoughts went through my head ... "It wasn't supposed to happen this way, she had relatives coming in, we were supposed to all gather in her room tonight to support her!" and "My grandpa should have been with her, too!" and "She was supposed to catch up on sleep last night and feel better today"... but then I was reminded of the phrase "In God's timing" Thanks be to God for giving us the comfort we need in a time of confusion. It was after this that I found a smile as my focus shifted from being upset to being glad for Grandma. For right about now, she was possibly entering the Golden Gates we have read about in Revelation ... possibly hugging Jesus ..... maybe greeting her parents .... maybe being led around and shown a scenic sight, all the while being explained to how everything in heaven runs .....
I arrived at the hospital and ran up to grandma's room. I hugged my mom, hugged my grandpa, sat down and took in the situation. This room was grandma's gate to heaven ... quiet, peaceful, and even a bit lonely now without her. As we all left her room and headed down the hall, a miraculous thing happened...over the intercom came a soft and delicate lullaby song ... almost as a sign that Grandma moved on. But, rather, as my mom explained, "I always thought it would be nice if that went off when grandma died ... a baby being born at the same time as her passing."

I then went to my grandpa's house to be with my mom, grandpa, aunt and uncle for a little bit. My mom and I searched for the dress that my grandma had worn for her grand kid's past weddings. One that she looked absolutely beautiful in:
(Grandma was pictured here on the right)
Last night I didn't sleep very well; I had to lay in my husband's arms to fall asleep. After he left for work, I awoke to find myself covered with 3 precious little girls. One laying on my legs, one suggling in to my front side, and one squished in behind me.... it's always nice when God knows what you need to feel loved at a time when you feel heartbroken.
Tonight is the viewing and tomorrow will be her funeral. Please continue to pray for the family as they work their way through this tough time.
In His Grip, Whol-E-Herbster

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  1. I pray that your hearts will be comforted during this time of grieving the loss of your beloved Grandma. May joy then overflow at the promise of your sweet reunion in eternity! Blessings, Jen