Monday, January 5, 2009


Hello Readers, Christmas and New Years are done, and it's 2009!!!! With the new year, the name voting poll has come to a close, and I have a new official name-- Holie-Herbster won the poll by a landslide! I have to say, I can't help feeling a bit like an 80's Nintendo character by having "ster" on the end of my name. However, the people have spoken, and so it shall be.

One slight change in the name spelling though:

The voter who originally came up with this name to add to my list (he shall remain nameless for his protection) ended up pronouncing it as "Holly Herbster" instead of "Holy Herbster" as he read it on the BLOG to his wifey. This name mistake prompted me to alter the spelling of it ONCE AGAIN in order to keep the dignity I deserve when hearing my name on the streets amongst my several hundred thousand readers. So it will be spelled "Whol-E-Herbster".

Also, I do not consider myself to be "Holy"--that is why the name was originally altered. With the spelling alteration, it still has the "H" noise at the beginning of it to sound good with Herbster, but it's not going to set me up for ridicule by those knowing that I am in no way holy! But, then again, if you pronounce HERBSTER the way it should be, then it doesn't match the beginning noise anyways since it has a silent "H". I just can't win!

Just make note: I will probably end up changing my name once again before the year 2010, since it just doesn't feel comfortable like an old shoe yet. Only time will tell if grows on me or not. I suppose as I hear my new name being called out to me for autographs when I walk around Sioux Falls, I will either smile, or whince as I hear it. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Haha, with the silent "H" on Herbster, do the same to "WholE" and you get "Ole" - kind of has a Norwegien ring to it... OK, just being silly...

  2. HAA!I needed a good laugh!! Thanks Jennifer :)