Sunday, January 11, 2009

For Baby Preston's Prayer Warriors!

I received a frowarded e-mail from Becky, the daycare provider for Preston. Her husband and toddler daughter are coping with this, along with Preston's family. Here's what she wrote:

"Okay here's some new things you can share with people praying around the country. Preston was 3 months old to the day. He has two older siblings that went to a day care and preschool in another town. Preston was a very good baby and is dearly missed by many many people. The prayer service held tonight had no more sitting space even after additional chairs were added. I was able to let my emotions run and have add a better time dealing with this now. I actually slept last night in a more fitful sleep however my daughter was awake more often and interrupted my sleep. Since she was sleeping when I found Preston it doesn't seem to be causing her any issues. However I don't know what she dreams about or what she's thinking since he is no longer here.

Tonight we went to the visitation and prayer service. It was very crowded. Both (Preston's) mom and dad were glad to see that I was able to make it. I've had contact with dad since Wednesday but haven't seen mom since Wednesday night at the hospital. She is still having a hard time with losing her boy but has been able to tell me that she doesn't belive that there was anything else that could have been done for him. She told me tonight that I took good care of Preston and gave it my all in trying to help resuscitate him. For this I'm so very thankful. The funeral home did a good job of making Preston look good and natural.

From what I know the family won't hear anything from the autopsy for at least another 7 days so at this point it is still believed to have been SIDS. If you would pass along the request to have all of the prayer warriors send their e-mails this way ( ), the family would like to have me forward them on. Prayers can be more specific in that:

Mom "N" will need to go back to work as a massage therapist in her own office and needs to feel comfortable leaving her other kids in day care. She also needs the comfort of GOD's arms to remind her that Preston is in heaven and being taken care of so she can let go of her grief and sadness to rejoice that Preston will not have to grow up in this cruel world.

Dad "M" will need prayers to help him keep his mind focused on work as he owns a construction business and has turned over main control to a worker for the last week. He will also need the security of leaving the children with someone else.

The kids have been doing well in handling this but Preston's sister is old enough to really understand the fact that death will keep Preston from coming back. So I believe it would be best to Pray that "A" will find comfort in knowing that she will someday see her little brother in heaven and also to be willing to help mom and dad with her younger brother "J" who doesn't quite know what to think about Preston being gone.I'm not sure if they are born again Christians.

They are willing to read whatever is sent to them in e-mails, just knowing that there are people they don't even know praying for them and the rest of the family.

As for me and my household:

My husband has been supporting me and not wanting to leave me alone unless I'm absolutely sure I want him to. He could use prayers on the wisdom and guidance to help me. He's also gotten a bit more nervous that something will happen to our daughter and worries more often. Pray that GOD will give him a calm and reassurance.

Our daughter really doesn't seem to be bothered with anything so basically pray that she will continue to be a bright spot in our lives and keep making us smile, reminding us of the good on Earth.

I could use prayers in coping with this tragedy and letting my mind place this in my memory so that I can move forward and not hang back. I need prayers to remove the guilt and the terrible "what if's". I also ask for prayers in that I am able to keep a sense of peace and normal in our home so I may continue to watch over other children without continually disturbing their sleep and play with my paranoia.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and the support you show us even if we don't know you. Thank you again and again. Please forward this on to anyone that you know is praying so that they may feel the right words coming to them and can share with us on this end. Remember the family would like to hear from some of the warriors out there keeping us in your minds. Thank you Greatly."

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. I appreciate it. Feel free to send on any e-mails to Preston's daycare provider, Becky, and she will send them on to the family. I prayed at 2pm for the familyas they went to Preston's funeral today, and hope that you did as well. However, if you were unable to, PLEASE pray with me now, as we have more specific prayers to be praying. I will continue to give you updates. Thank you, Whol_E_ Herbster


  1. The autposy report came back comfirming SIDS. Preston's family is trying to find a normal in the house again and is continually needing prayer over the greif of losing sweet little Preston. Mom "N" and I talked two days ago on the phone. We are both still emotional at times, escpecially at time when we think about how we would be helping Preston now. She is doing fairly well and will be back at work this week. Dad "M" will also be back at work this week. Dad worries for me since it was in my house and I was the one that found Preston and had to work on him. Dad also said that I had Preston in my care so often that it's not easy (he imagines) for me to deal with this. "M" did stop by and let me know about the autopsy report himself and to let me know that they have been thinking about me. At that time he told me the older kids have gone back to daycare and preschool (which they love). There seems to be more of a calm resting in their house. I pray daily that God will continue to let them know he is holding them in his arms.

    David and I have been able to talk about it and get our concerns for our own child out in the open so we can help each other get through this better. Our precious baby has been doing only what a 2 year does and makes us laugh plenty of times. David seems to be doing okay now with everything. I'm not too far behind him, but still have my moments that I can't get it out of my head. I'm relieved to know there was nothing else I could have done since it was SIDS but I'm saddened that it happened all together. This has definently made it harder on me to just let the kids sleep or play without me also getting in the way. I'm so thankful for all of the prayers that have made it easier to keep moving forward. Thank you all so very much. BECKY

  2. Thank you for the update Becky, I'm sure it was difficult to write this. Please know that you will continue to be in our prayers, as well as Preston's family! None of us can put ourselves in any of your positions, but we can somehow imagine the pain that you feel is very deep. God is the only one who can heal you, so we will pray for the healing to continue. Bless Preston's family and yours for the trial you went though, and Bless Baby Preston as he is with the one who created him.