Saturday, March 6, 2010

Natural Health First Aid Kit


    Epsom Salt -- just regualr store boughten from any pharmacy, add 1-2 cups to baths to relax muscles and fight infection (1/2 cup to 1 cup for little ones)
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar -- a natural bacterial fighter. Add a few cups safely to any bath, even using it each bath through the winter time as a preventative measure. Taken internally is a tremendous immune booster, if taken daily.
  • GOLDENSEAL HERB -- the natural version of an antibiotic. Taken 1-2 capsules every 1-3 hours when infected with anything. If no improvement, take more often to see results. Drops available for kiddos: Goldenseal Echinacea
  • Morton Salt -- make "salt packs" out of 1 cup salt and a thin ziplock baggie. Apply to infected area for an hour at a time, doing as often as able, switching to new each round(time allowing) salt naturally draws toxins/infection out of the body.
  • Heat packs/Hot water bottle -- lay on infected area, opposite of salt packs. If no hot water bottle available, then use hot wach cloth is thin zip-loc baggie.
  • WOOL SOCKS --The COLD WET SOCK TREATMENT increases circulation to the feet. As the body tries to warm the feet, it causes the excess mucus in the body to break-up. Get a pair of cotton socks thoroughly dampened in icy cold water, or place wet socks in the freezer for a few minutes. Wring out well and put them on your child's feet, immediately following them with the dry wool socks. These prevent drafts, and also allow the feet to 'breathe'. Repeat if necessary.
  • Enema Kits/Stool Softener: LOWER BOWEL STIMULANT CAPSULES , for kiddos: LB EXTRACT, and the stimulant tea: SMOOTH MOVE TEA by Traditional Medicinals ENZYMES. Getting the stools moving (which get backed up and pushes mucus upwards with allergies and illnesses) is the fastest way to push something out of your body that doesn't belong!

  • Cornsilk Herb Capsules work WONDERS for getting rid of bladder and UT Infections!
  • Organic Cranberry Juice (be sure to check label for no additives--R.W. Knudsen is most ideal brand)
  • CANTHARIS or STAPHYSAGRIA homeopathic remedies most common for treating bladder infections, found at many natural health stores

  • Lobelia tincture, essence, or extract to relax ear tissue and relieve pain. Apply to the gland under the ear, covering an area at least the size of a quarter
  • Sage and Fenugreek-Thyme help the body break up mucus
  • FERRUM PHOS and PULSATILLA are the 2 homeopathic remedies that help with ear infections the most. Pulsatilla assists the body in breaking up mucus and pus, and Ferrum Phos assists the body in cleansing the glands next to the ear, relieving the pressure that causes the pain.
  • Drops for pain/infection (DO NOT USE on children with tubes in the ears). Warm momentarily in a pan: (DO NOT PUT IN HOT DROPS, wait until it cools to a nice warmth): a mixture of 1-tablespoon COLD PRESSED OLIVE OIL, 2 drops Tea Tree oil and a clove of ORGANIC GARLIC. Only two drops of this mixture are put in the infected ear. Lie down 10 minutes on the opposite ear so the oil will go deep into the ear. Use a warm compress over the ear after the oil is in place to help relieve the pain
  • Cold Wet Sock Treatment (see description above)
  • Enema to get stools moving is the number one treatment to do, but many would rather try the others first....

  • KALI BICHROMIUM is hands down, the best sinus infection/sinus cold homeopathic remedy, can be found at many natural health stores.
  • Fenugreek-Thyme Herb Capsules thin mucus naturally, take 1-2 every 1-3 hours. Take more or less for desired outcome.
  • Heat compressions/Hot water bottle on face
  • Salt Water Sinus Flush
  • Be sure to keep stools moving

  • Salt/Hot packs applied to chest
  • "Throat Coat" Tea by Traditional Medicinals, Basil Tea or Thyme Tea mixed with raw honey willbreak down mucus and relieve sore throats
  • IPECAC, SPONGIA, and HEPAR SULPHURIS are the main cough/lung mucus homeopathic remedies to use.
  • Gargle with morton salt and water continually

  • Activated Charcoal Capsules absorb toxins and poisons in the system if taken shortly after symptoms appear.
  • IPECAC, NUX VOMICA, ARSENICUM and CARBO VEG are the top remedies for sickness from foods
  • STOMACH COMFORT CHEWABLES help with occasional acid relief, as does PAPAYA CHEWABLES and dried parsley and organic apple cider vinegar since acid problems most of the time stem from being an indicator that your stomach's enzymes are deficient in some manner (many times from too much sugar/processed foods)

  • CANTHARIS homeopathic remedy is the best remedy for burns
  • Abundant Blessings CALENDULA SALVE made without Petroleum, very hard to find this natural version
  • Soaking the burn spot in liquid minerals for 20 minutes works wonders!!

  • Magnesium Complex provides relief for aches by increasing blood flow to those areas, as does FORMULA 303, a natural version of a pain med found at many natural health stores
  • HOT PACK/HOT WATER BOTTLE on achy area
  • Regular Chiropractic adjustments
  • Diet of little to no processed foods/sugars will do wonders if you're brave enough!

  • Using typical first aid measures, you can also add the remedy BELLADONNA to help stop bleeding. When our daughter gashed her chin and her shirt was covered with blood down to her waistline, within 5 minutes of taking the remedy, the blood was completely stopped.


  • The 3 main homeopathic remedies that help the body fight associated pain are the following: HYPERICUM, ARNICA, SYMPHYTUM...or else they sell the combination remedy including all of these three by ENERGIQUE to be used with more mild symptoms.
  • Hypericum is for numbness, shooting pains and puncture wounds involving nerves
  • Arnica is the first homeopathic remedy to consider with sprains, strains, falls, trauma and injury: for bruising, bleeding and deep tissue pain. Works WELL in recovering from surgery once the body is set back to it's normal functioning mode. (NOTE: with a break or fracture,the body needs to be back in normal functioning mode for a remedy to work. Our daughter broke her elbow and didn't get much relief until directly following surgery--but had no pains meds in recovery while using ARNICA!)
  • Symphytum is for pain persisting long after an injury.
God Bless, Ms. Salubrious

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  1. let me know if you know of anything for gout. Eric has been having problems since we moved to Pierre-from about January. He has had flare ups for about 7 years, but seems to be having one for 3 months now! He used to get them once, maybe twice a year. We've done cherry extract pills, celery, and a few other things, but it isn't helping. He isn't over weight, drinks tons of water, and that is it. No stereotypical gout predispositions. You can email me at