Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Movie Preview: One Man, One Cow, One Planet

A new movie just came out (on DVD) for all those interested in Organic farming, sustainable living and independent acreage upkeep. What's so special about THIS movie, that Ms. Salubrious wants to promote it? Well, when you come to realize how bad chemical sprays are in reflection to longevity health and preserving nutrients in top soil, you tend to search out alternative resources AWAY FROM using sprays to control weeds. THIS movie is a GREAT RESOURCE in doing this!

Not only does ONE MAN, ONE COW, ONE PLANET touch on the idea of recycling and composting, but takes it a step further in addressing a method for when no nutrients remain in the soil or the items of which you compost! Biodynamic farming uses a set of principles involving: homeopathy, physics, and astronomy (not to be confused with astrology). A Holistic Approach: just as natural health uses the WHOLE body to treat underlying symptoms, and as organic farming uses the ecosystem as a whole to sustain, biodynamic farming similarly takes an even broader approach of using further ecosystems to coincide with the plants being grown to create nutrients. Just like adding (molecular) potential energy to a homeopathic remedy by pounding it to use as kinetic energy--Vortexing (activating) Water, A Biodynamic Principal, gives molecular energy to the soil that no single nutrient can bring!

Here's the Theatrical Trailer for the Movie, PLEASE PAUSE MUSIC PLAYER IN THE RIGHT COLUMN, BELOW to hear this video! Thank You!!

Here are a few excerpts about the movie from the following website:

  • Biodynamics is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement in the West, predating, by 20 years, the organic farming movement.
  • "Mineral manuring is a thing that must cease altogether in time, for the effect of every kind of mineral manure, after a time, is that the products grown on the fields thus treated lose their nutritive value." - Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925)
  • Steiner was convinced that the quality of food in his time had degraded, and he believed the source of the problem was chemical farming's use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Biodynamics revolves around using a set of eight homeopathic-like animal, mineral and plant based preparations.
  • Pest and disease control on a biodynamic farm is usually managed by developing the farm as a total organism/system. When specific pest and weed control is required products are made from the weeds and pests themselves.

God Bless, Ms. Salubrious

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