Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nourishing the Health that God Gave to You

Here's our family's health mission in a nut shell: Eat food close to it's original state that God designed it in, so that the body will function in a closer state to the way God intended for us to function in.

What are some of the deviations in food consumption that do not reflect this mission? Eating "ANTI-NUTRIENTS", which are substances that when consumed increase the body's need for more nutrients. These substances take so much extra energy for the digestive tract to process and eliminate, that the body is left with more nutrients burned up than are taken in. They also increase the appetite because the body is not getting the nutrients it needs. According to Dr. Lendon Smith, author of Feed Your Kids Right, the elimination of anti-nutrients in the diet will help the body improve in overall health and immune response. Examples of ANTI-NUTRIENTS:

  • Sugar/corn syrup -- more info: MY SUGAR BLOG POSTING
  • Chemical preservatives -- almost everything on the shelf at a grocery store not labeled "Organic" contains various forms of these.
  • Synthetic vitamins & minerals -- cheaper for processing, body can't recognize them as nutrients
  • Enriched flour products -- nutrients taken out & replaced w/synthetic ones
  • Low-fat dairy -- body needs fat to break down/utilize proteins
  • Pasteurized/Homogenized Dairy -- PLEASE READ DR. MERCOLA's ARTICLE on processed dairy, entitled: Why You Don't Want to Drink Pasteurized Milk
  • Processed meats -- most contain nitrites/nitrates toxic substances that can lead to Methemoglobinemia and have been banned in most European countries
  • Yeast -- promotes yeast overgrowths, which lead to NUMEROUS health problems: it's all in the book, The Yeast Connection. This book is mind-blowing!
  • Chemical food dyes -- more info: MY CHEMICAL COLORING BLOG POSTING

Let me go into specific details of products that fall into this category:

  • Most commercial cereals, escept whole grains & cheerios (safe to stick with cereals under 10 grams of NATURAL derived sugar)
  • ALL breads except for sprouted/ezekiel breads, whole grain flatbreads & tortillas
  • All pastries, cakes, unless made with whole grain flour & natural sweeteners
  • All fruit snacks, candy, kool-aid, soda pops, juices (unless fresh squeezed juices)
  • ANY sandwich meat not labeled as being without antibiotics & preservatives
  • Any dairy not labeled as WHOLE MILK
  • Enriched/Pasta and white rice (basmatti, brown, wild rice & whole grain pastas ok)

It's best to stick with eating foods that promote good health and high functioning immune systems:

  • Fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible, eating only clean meats, properly cooked (Leviticus chapter 11 for more information)

  • Whole grains, but limit even their presence in the diet
  • Clean/natural meat- meats grown naturally without antibiotics, hormones (that go to your body!!) and that are grass/vegetable fed (cows/chickens corn-fed to get "fattened" do the same to your body--fatten you! Cows/chickens fed grass and vegetables provide your body with those minerals included!!)

  • Natural Salt (The body uses salt to make the enzymes that digest invading microbes and parasites, as well as food. The only time salt has ever been found to be detrimental is when you have failing kidneys or are missing a kidney) REDMOND from Nature's Sunshine has naturally occuring minerals in their natural Sea Salt.

  • Lots of pure water (Your body needs water to make the mucus that surrounds and suffocates invading microbes, it keeps your lungs hydrated (protected), and is necessary to carry nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells to every area of the body) While tap water is clean, it is also FULL of chemicalsto get it that way! Using a reverse Osmosis unit in your house, or drinking bottled water is ideal.
  • RAW and WHOLE MILK Organic DAIRY the fats your body DOES need, should be taken with their origins--in dairy and meats. Your body NEEDS fats to break down and utilize proteins, and your body needs protein to stay healthy! Take your fats naturally in foods, and avoid them in chips, pastries andfast'll be MUCH better off!!