Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Secret I've Been Keeping From Some of You

I must apologize to everyone for not being up front with you on the reason my BLOGS have slowed down a bit. I just often forget that I have readers in the BLOGGER realm who are outside my Twitter, Facebook and E-mailing networks. I have kept the rest of them informed, but have overlooked my fellow BLOGGERS, so I apologize!

Since I'm not big on announcements, I'll make this into a prayer request. The reason I haven't been blogging as much is because my husband, Jesse, and I are expecting our 4th child, and would love to have you all uphold us in your prayers! I have been quite nauseated in the evenings, this being my absolute favorite time to BLOG, when the rest of our house is restful and quiet. I've always been a night owl, so it has been difficult for me to give up my favorite time of day to my mattress. What makes tonight different? I had an appt with my Master Herbalist today, and we're targeting the nausea with high doses of green olives, B6, grapefruit, enzymes and prayer! Tonight was an o.k. night.

Nevertheless, I am still doing a heap better than in my first and second pregnancies (please read a snip-it of my story, found on the website of my favorite Protein shake drink mix: Testimonies on "Quest" Protein Shakes ). As you can see, I'm no longer on prescription sleep aids, prescription nausea drugs, prescription acid reflux inhibitors, prescription allergy drugs, etc. I have worked with a phenomenal Master Herbalist between the pregnancies, so each one has been better than the last. Over the past few years, she specifically targeted building enzymes and healing my stomach from sugar damage in my youth--which had been causing acid reflux and vomiting for the 8 out of 9 months of my pregnancies!

During my appt today, my Master Herbalist commented ONCE AGAIN how surprised she is that we've made it through so many births with all of the trials I have gone through, along with all of the trials my husband has dealt with as well. My answer? We're just trying to further HIS kingdom one birth at a time! Seriously, though, God gives you strength when you need it most, and he has been by Jesse's and my side the entire 30 months that I've been pregnant so far in our marriage! Why wouldn't we keep trying, LOL?

This month, I plan to dedicate to all those mothers-in-waiting! I have a cousin, along with a few friends who are expecting babies as well, so I'm going to share with both them and the rest of you, my favorite pregnancy book, that promotes health in your pregnancies and babies.....all the way up to the time they graduate! You want a quick glimpse of the book to possibly get started on it before I reveal all of the juicy details? It's called: Let's Have Healthy Children by Adelle Davis (I also have the link in my sidebar, listed under BOOKS FOR BODY FOOD). This was my first book I read having to do with Natural Health, and it's a dinosaur, but one of the best for parents! The only thing is, I lent it to one of my friends, and I'll have to sweet talk her into "lending" it back for a month for me to BLOG about!

In the mean time, I pray that I can keep up on BLOG postings for you. I will also leave with you a glimpse of me at 9 months pregnant, so that you can envision me as you pray! (It's my BEST pregnant-picture-to-date, so don't crack any jokes!)


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting and I hope you can keep nausea under control enough to enjoy the pregnancy!

  2. Thanks Dana--I appreciate your encouraging note. Thanks for reading!