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A Cancer Movie not to Miss......


This is the trailer for the 2 hour long movie, "HEALING CANCER FROM THE INSIDE OUT"

I started watching the movie, and decided to re-start it after 10 minutes in. It had waaay too good of information not to share with you. In fact, I got 6 1/2 pages of notes off of it...that I'm not going to share in it's entirety, because I DO want to have you watch the full 2 hour movie for yourselves! Our 5 year old daughter watched about half of it, repeating quotes to help me get all the info--if it can keep her attention, you know it MUST be good! Here's the link if you would like to purchase it: It does make a great "passer on" movie to those you love, a pre-gift for BEFORE someone gets cancer and doen't know where to turn, perhaps!

Here are some exceptional quotes from the movie:

  • "The medical community has been working on a cure (for cancer) for well over 100 years" --A "cure"meaning a drug....a REAL cure has already been found in diet. Not sure? Just check out any of the health institutes having success:

Kushi Institute Testimonials , Hippocrates Health Institute Testimonials , Health Quarters Ministries Testimonies

  • "14 years after the war (on cancer) began, a landmark study showed that chemotherapy, the main weapon in the war, was only somewhat effective for only 2-3% of all cancer patients.....things have not changed since then"

  • "Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy...seldom produce a cure" AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, 2007

  • "This disease on average has been going on for 10 years before they discover it, and will probably go on another 10, 15, 20 years before it kills them"

  • "Most cancers will not be detected by mammography until there are 4-10 billion cancer cells in your body (typically 8-10 years)

  • "The FDA has approved and patented 40 highly toxic cancer drugs, it is yet to approve a SINGLE non-toxic cancer therapy. WHY? Because natural cancer therapies are not profitable and cannot be patented"
  • "The FDA has deemed these incredibly toxic drugs to be safe and effective, despite the fact that a common side effect is death"
  • "Half of the FDA's funding comes directly from the drug companies it's supposed to regulate"

  • "Why was skin cancer so uncommon before 1900, when most people were outdoors?"

  • "You have to shift your thinking from being a helpless victim, to being someone who is willing to take charge of their own health"

  • "'Blueberries fight cancer'.....these are nutritional magic bullets, but they won't work unless the rest of your diet is designed to fight cancer. A few blueberries on top of your cheesecake won't make a dent against cancer....It is your entire nutrient profile that is going to fight cancer"
  • "Normally a cure is defined as an elimination of a disease, in a case of cancer, it means if you are still breathing 5 years after's the only way to create an illusion that we're making progress in the war on cancer" (5 years is "safe" because it typically allows for the 8-10 year window needed to start another cancer mass from a single cell, if the cancer wasn't all gotten....)

  • "The National Cancer Institute, with enthusiastic support from the American Cancer Society, has effectively blocked funding for research & clinical trials on promising non-toxic alternative cancer drugs for decades" --Samuel S. Epstein, MD

  • "Each (Cancer) patient is worth , on average, 1/2 million dollars to the (Cancer) industry."

  • " The treatment for cancer and degenerative diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be" --Allen Greene, MD

  • "The cure for cancer will not be found under the microscope, it is on the dinner plate" --Paul Stitt, MD
  • "An estimated 4,000-9,000 women died not from their cancer, but from their treatment" --Discover Magazine Expose on Bone Marrow Transplant Therapy
  • "Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemotherapy than without it" --Allen Levin, MD
  • "Bottled Death"--Vice President Hubert Humphrey describing chemotherapy before he died of bladder cancer.

So, you may ask HOW do the numbers always show that Chemotherapy is effective, and that it is beneficial? Drug companies skew the percentages by using RELATIVE NUMBERS instead of ABSOLUTE NUMBERS:

(Here's an example) Out of a clinical trial of 100 people using a specific CHEMOTHERAPY drug, the trial would expect 2 people to get breast cancer. AFTER the trial where all 100 people were put on the drug, let's say only 1 gets cancer. The reduction in cancer (by people being on this drug during this trial), therefore, was only 1 out of every 100, or an ABSOLUTE VALUE of 1 %. Not good enough to make drug companies look effective, because 1 % could happen by chance. BUT, since 2 people were EXPECTED to get it, and only 1 did, they could use the RELATIVE BENEFIT, which turns the 1 PERCENT ABSOLUTE BENEFIT into 50% RELATIVE BENEFIT. Most advertisements for cancer therapy will give you the relative benefit when giving you the results of a clinical trial for the drug.

So, you ask, what's the difference between Allopathic (Traditional, medicine Doctors) and Homeopathic (Natural Doctors)?

Homeopathy was started in 1796. Prehistoric Medicine incorporated plants, animal parts and minerals. However as technology and science advanced, plants were replaced with chemicals in medications, thus producing more serious side effects. As the two forces of patient treatments came head to head in America in the early 1900's, "Allopathy emerged as the victors, not because they had better medicine, but because they had made alliances with key business which saw that fortunes could be made with new emerging allopathic medical practices" and synthetic products that could be patented.

One of these such "advances" was used to treat George Washington with his sore throat. " To help relieve George of his symptoms, his doctor drained half of his blood during the course of the nights(Bloodletting). That didn't help, so they had George swallow 650mg of mercury, giving him in effect a fatal dose of of heavy metal poisoning. George Washington died the next day. He was killed by some of the best Allopathic (conventional) doctors in the country who were treating him for a case of strep throat"

Although the above scenario seems over the top and highly unsafe in this day and age....will we look at Chemotherapy in this manner 100 years from now, after enough people have lost their fight to cancer through this manner?

"By 1900 much of the public had had enough of these unnatural treatments, and homeopaths were stealing patients away from the allopaths at an alarming rate. Around this time, the American Medical Association was formed as a DOCTOR's UNION (interesting, huh?) to encounter the growing power of homeopaths. The A.M.A. set out to destroy the homeopaths and other competitors by branding them as quacks, while harassing and slandering them. Backed by big business that smelled money in allopathic treatments, they were able to change.....licensing laws to favor allopathic advances and drive out the competition."

"We never fought the HOMEOPATH on matters of principle. We fought them because they came into our community and got the business" --Dr. J.N. McCormack, American Medical association, 1903

I believe that each institution (allopathic and homeopathic) has it's needs. Medical establishments are a necessity for emergencies (accidents calling for replacements, repair, and life-saving measures) and homeopathy should be used for everything outside these parameters. Degenerative diseases, illnesses, bacterial infections, viral sicknesses, poisons CAN and SHOULD all be treated with non-invasive and natural practices that will not add harm to the already fragile state of the body. If you find yourself a good Master Herbalist (we search out good doctors, right?), you will only find yourself needing the medical establishment for it's strength of emergencies.

******None of the above statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of the information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. This BLOG should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

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