Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eliminating the Sugar Cravings Naturally

My past two Blog postings (scroll down below) go over the effects and sources of processed and artificial sugars. After getting a handful of e-mails and Face Bk. messages asking about the how-to in getting over sugar "addictions", I decided to do a "surprise" BLOG posting in between my usually once a week scheduled postings. I mean, after all of the previous info, I couldn't leave you searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. So... look no further, you are there!

When I first heard my Master Herbalist say the words, "Cut processed sugar completely from you diet," anything said after that point was totally pointless--my mind froze on those unwelcoming words and panic set in. Sugar was something soothing to me, something comforting, and something that I had grown up with. I enjoyed it daily in my soda pops, in my store bought snack cakes, in the morning, evening, and even if I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night! Life as I knew it would forever be changed.....seriously, cut sugar out of my diet? But how and why?

I was born with several health problems, and accumulated several more along the way. In fact, my husband had told me shortly before our wedding that if I couldn't figure out a way to slow down the amount of coughing spells I experienced daily, he would refuse to walk down the isle with me for fear of me struggling to get through my vows! So, I did something that most people would have done: I went to the doctor and started getting prescriptions for steroid inhalers, which lessened the symptoms, but increased the amount of other health problems that were surprisingly starting to show up! Little did I know, that if I had taken the step of eliminating sugar from my diet, that I would have dropped the need for the inhaler, along with all the other prescriptions I was told to start on! Since sugar is in most everything processed, I would have had to re-vamp my diet completely, making most things from scratch. I would have to start buying food labeled as organic so that I would know the sweetener in it would be of natural origin. However, I did not discover this little secret until years later, when our daughters were born with worse health problems than I grew up with.

So......after I got over the initial shock of hearing the words "Cutting sugar from my diet" and had prayed endlessly about whether I should do it or not.....I began the process of discovery. The discovery of what I was unknowingly shoveling into my mouth, what the harmful effects of it were, and what the "recovery" and "healing" process was going to entail. After going through sugar detox, I have never felt so good in my life, and have never gone so long without an over-the-counter medication or prescription!

I first had to start by eliminating my cravings. To do this, I began taking BLACK WALNUT CAPSULES from Natures Sunshine Herb Co., which are well known for their cleansing properties of detoxing the body of sugar, amongst other things. I would take 2 capsules every few hours, whether I felt a craving or not. I also added to this regimen, Organic Black Strap Molasses, which is the part that is disposed of during the processing of sugar. Since the two were originally one substance, the body naturally re-combines molasses & sugar and flushes them both out after using the nutrients from the molasses (vitamin C and B complex). So, you are not only using the molasses as a "cravings buster", but also using it as a "sugar-detoxer"! I would take a Tablespoon of black strap molasses every few hours, opposite of the Black Walnut herbs. Between these 2 substances, and FULLY eliminating processed and artificial sweeteners and simple carbohydrates (that turn quickly into sugar once swallowed), the detoxing process will begin!

As the days go by, you will feel less drawn to processed and artificial sugars so that you can take less of the black strap molasses and black walnut capsules. Keep in mind, that your body will have to go through a detoxing and withdrawal process still, how extreme depends upon how much sugar you have in your body and how much you support your body with nutrients like Black Walnut Herb, Black strap Molasses, and good-for-you-foods. Some people are slightly uncomfortable or have awkward "side effects" while they eliminate the sugar, others are climbing the wall with anxiety and experiencing looser stools, while yet others will pass with flying colors and never look back. Once you are over the hump of the addiction and of detoxing, you will enjoy less health problems, less cravings and less over-eating! Just be sure to supply your body with plenty of ORGANIC protein during this time, so that you aren't tempted to "snack" on sugar and carbs....slowing the process.

Once you have eliminated processed sugars and artificial sugars out of your diet and no longer experience the cravings, you can occasionally enjoy sugar in desserts and "normal" foods if you desire. Here are a few things that can HELP your body not to get re-hooked or experience withdrawl following sugar consumption:

  • Eat/drink 3 ounces of HIGH FAT dairy before consuming sugary foods has been shown to reduce the negative effects of sugar on the body (organic: half and half, cream or cheese)
  • 16 ounces of purified or spring water (not distilled or tap) after sugar is eaten helps reduce the high blood-sugar effect
  • Take VITAMIN 'C' CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS from Natures Sunshine before sugary snacks are consumed to help offset and lessen the drop in immune system response to sugar
  • Taking MAGNESIUM COMPLEX from Natures Sunshine after meals including sugar supports better digestion and assimilation of sugar. Since studies have shown sugar to be bad for the heart, and magnesium a necessary nutrient for heart health, the, sugar increases the need for magnesium.

Although these ideas will HELP your body---once you are completely detoxed it will be a shock for your body to have sugar ingested, because it is so highly processed and basically void of any nutrients to offset the negative aspect of it. This is the way it is meant to be, though, because God blesses our bodies with warning mechanisms that let us know when we ingest something harmful......sugar being one of these such substances.

Because you will still want to enjoy sweeteners in your diet, I will include a list of natural sweeteners in my next BLOG posting for you to substitute in your own baking and cooking. Keep in mind, most organic foods will have natural sweeteners in them...so you should be safe in buying and consuming these. BUT ALWAYS check the label, so that you can aren't "blindly" feeding you body with artificial and processed sweeteners! Psalm 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

******None of the above statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of the information in this BLOG is strictly for educational purposes. This BLOG should not be used to treat, diagnose, or prescribe for a condition you feel you may have. If you have any health concerns, you should see a competent practitioner. ******

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